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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Kyle Jolly, Robert Quinn and Da'Norris Searcy, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare for Saturday's ACC opener against Georgia Tech.


On Georgia Tech's passing offense:
"They're very, very dangerous because it is such a discipline-designed defense that you have to play and you have to be extraordinarily careful with the play-action passes. [Josh] Nesbitt has a great arm and he can throw the ball deep. The leading receiver right now in the ACC is [Demaryius] Thomas. He reminds a lot of people that were here of the [Calvin] Johnson kid that played at Georgia Tech a couple of years ago. He's big, he's physical [and] he can out jump a lot of defensive backs, which he's already shown in a couple of games this year."

Do you expect Ryan Taylor back this week?
"He is very, very close to being in a position to come back to practice. He ran pretty good over the weekend. Obviously, all of those injury decisions and when they do return to practice is 100 percent in the hands of our medical staff and our trainers. But I think he's getting very close to that. He's starting to run full speed and he's starting to make some cuts, so we should see some kind of potential return to practice, but that's just getting back to practice. There's other steps after just getting back to practice."

Dwight Jones hasn't had a setback, has he?
"No, he has not. We expect him to come to practice tomorrow. We expect him to return to practice."

On Jonathan Cooper:
"Well, he played this past week and I think he played well. I think he's better today than he was last Monday a week ago. Anytime anybody has an ankle sprain, it's how much do you set yourself back when you do try to get into the game and where's that fine balance of do we sit him one more week and try to get him to mint condition? We just felt like last week, because of the nature of the defensive line at East Carolina [being] very talented and very physically gifted, that we needed some rotation. We needed the ability to get him into the game. And he played well. I don't think that it was too dramatically adverse for him going into the game. So I think that we're a little bit better off today than we were a week ago."

On the diversity of college offenses:
"This is something that is so dramatically different than the NFL – every week, every offense that we've played has been so much different than the one before. There's no real carryover. In the National Football League, everybody runs the same runs and everybody runs the same passes and third downs look identical. Well, you look at who we played in The Citadel in the first game and what they did and then you look at the second game and then you look at the third game and now you look at the fourth game, and there's virtually no carryover."


On how the offensive line has played this season:
"I think we've gotten better every game. It's just communicating better and knowing how each other is playing. Definitely, from the UConn game to the ECU game we progressed a lot. And I'm just happy where we are right now."

Is Brennan Williams ready to step in as the backup right tackle?
"He's coming along. You can't expect a true freshman to be able to come into the third or fourth game of the season with no questions asked, but he's coming along and I know that within the next couple of games he'll be ready to do that."


Will having Dwight Jones back be a big help?
"Absolutely. I don't know how Dwight's progression is going, but once he gets back, that's just another threat for our offense that will be beneficial, because he can do things that a lot of other guys can't, [such as] running downfield with his size as a wide receiver… We're just excited for when he comes back."

On the game plan against ECU not focusing as much on the tight ends:
"It was a little bit different defense in the way they structured it. They had more guys inside the box and kind of left the outsides a little more open for the wide receivers. We were just trying to do some different things on offense as well, different schemes and stuff that we thought would work better against these guys. Some of them didn't involve the tight ends being the first or second read of the progression."


Is preparing for Georgia Tech's offense that much harder than other teams?
"I don't think it's that much harder. They're an option team, so we've got defensive ends, linebackers and safeties with certain responsibilities. So we just try to take care of our responsibilities play-by-play and don't try to over think it."

On the reason behind the defense's improvement:
"We've got our whole defense back and most of the calls are the same. We're just trying to be a dominant defense, player by player and position group by position group."


Do you know a lot of guys on the Georgia Tech team?
"I know half of the roster."

So is this a rivalry game for you?
"Yes, because half of them I grew up with playing little league. We didn't go to the same high school, but we saw each others' highlights on the [TV] channels down there. We would call each other the night before the games, like ‘Do your job, man.' And then they would call me with the same thing. So to go out there and get a win on them would be fun." Recommended Stories

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