Q&A with Joe Dailey

Q&A with Joe Dailey

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Normally North Carolina athletes are not allowed to speak to reporters until after their first game. But UNC made an exception on Wednesday and introduced Joe Dailey. Read and listen to what the Tar Heels' quarterback had to say outside of the locker room following practice…

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Your thoughts on the first four days of spring practice.
"It's a new offense obviously. It's a process right now; I'm still learning everything. The offense is very dynamic and detailed. We're just getting into the basics right now so it hasn't been too in depth yet."

How is the offense different from what you ran last year?
"I'm not going to say it's the same. A lot of the runs are the same. I think everybody runs the same run plays across the nation – they're all the same. The only difference is learning different techniques on different plays.

"Passing-wise, it's a lot different. The West Coast offense is very detailed. And if you don't pay attention to detail, you won't be very successful. I think that Coach [Frank] Cignetti has an exciting offense here that will let us make plays and complete the pass. And that's what our objective is in the passing game.

What do you expect to see more of in Cignetti's offense than you did last year?
"More answers to the problems. We have an option with every coverage. That's the key to being very successful in the passing game – being able to complete the ball within any coverage."

How has the transition from Nebraska been for you?
"I think last year was more of a year to digest really what happened and an opportunity to learn the part of football that I really didn't understand. I think I've done that. And I think I've accomplished that in many ways. It's given me an opportunity to come out here and actually compete knowing what has to be accomplished."

On throwing the ball to Brandon Tate.
"He's very dynamic. As a kick returner he's very versatile. Anytime he touches the ball he can go for six."

Thoughts on Kenton Thornton and Brooks Foster.
"Kenton Thornton, he's the type of guy that can go up and get it and I enjoy throwing it to him. Brooks is very dynamic himself; he can run any route you tell him to run to perfection. So I'm exciting about those two as well."

Talk about the competition with Cameron Sexton.
"We've got three other guys out there. It's going well. We're all sharing the same amount of reps. So, I'll continue to see how we progress."

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