UNC-UVa: Locker Room Quotes + Audio


CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Following a 45-point Senior Night win over Virginia, the Tar Heel players spoke to the media. Read and listen to what they had to say ...

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"The people here [is what I'll miss most] - that's what makes this place. I'm going to miss everything about this place and I'm definitely going to come back and hopefully in my next career buy a house here ...

"We're playing defense a lot better - we're taking pride in guarding the ball and we're going into practice hard every day preparing for teams and coming out ready to play ...

"We're a lot better [than the first time we played Duke] -- we're ten times better from the first time. It was a game then and I'm pretty sure it'll be a game in Cameron ... [Duke] lost one and they can lose two ... hopefully we can go in there and get us a big win."


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"It was just great, man, I'm going to miss playing in the Smith Center ... I probably won't [reflect on my UNC career] until it's all over with and it's not over yet. We still have Duke, the ACC and NCAA Tournament ...

"All my teammates mean a lot to me. Friendship, all the people, I'm glad to be associated with all the teammates I've played with at Carolina."


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"David is a huge part of this team ... people always say if we didn't have Tyler, we'd lose a lot of games, but if we didn't have David, I don't know how many games we'd have won. The way he plays every possession - he knows how to win - and having him on the court and in the locker room is a great leader to have on this team ...

"We didn't know what to expect this year. Everybody was new, but once Coach Wiliams started preaching that we could be a great team and surprise a lot of people, we all started believing in that and started rolling and hopefully it'll keep going ...

"I don't know what to expect [at Duke]. Everyone says it's a fun atmosphere and I'm looking forward to playing there."


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"I thought we played well tonight, I thought we did a lot of things right, but there are still things we can get better at and still things we can improve ...

"These guys have showed that they are not normal young kids. They're wise beyond their years and Coach Williams has a pretty good way of getting it across to us that we can improve ...

"Byron stepped up big-time this year. We knew coming into the season that he'd have to play big minutes for us ... and he's stepped in and done more than anybody has expected. He's come off the bench and played great D, really hit the boards and is a bit more of a force now when he catches the ball on the blocks ...

"It's about improvement - I say it every time. Our goal is to improve every day throughout the year, and part of that is coming together as a group. And we were really unfamiliar with each other at the start of the year because we'd never played before ... we just seem to be coming together and learning our roles more every game and hopefully that'll continue because the sky is the limit."


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"Coach Williams has done a great job with us. We've had to grow up fast and he helped us through that. He's the main reason the team is where it is now ..."

"I've heard [Cameron] is pretty loud ... I'm expecting it to be loud, it'll be a rough atmosphere, the game will be intense, but we'll play our game just like we've done every other road game ...

"I think we're pretty confident, we know what we have to do, but we're not too confident ... We're playing better defense, we're talking more - the chemistry is there, we're coming together and we're just putting in a lot more effort in practice and pushing each other. That's where it starts - in practice."

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