Roy Williams Friday Quotes + Audio

Roy Williams Friday Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to the media on Friday during his weekly press conference from the Smith Center…

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"Today before practice was the first team they've seen any [clips of NC State] from us. If they've seen any of State's play it's been they've watched it on TV themselves. I saw in the paper that Herb didn't like it to be called the Princeton Offense and it really isn't. There is a difference to it. I think it's got a uniqueness which he's doing a good job with it and this bunch of kids has accepted - and I think it's much more difficult to defend against than what they've had in the past. They've got seven out of their top eight players back and are more experienced, they're better defensively, they're more comfortable offensively. [Cedric] Simmons is really improving and gives them more of an inside scoring threat. They've had a couple big guys the last few years, but they were more perimeter shooters than they were inside scorers. ...

"I don't think that you can take and design a defense to beat North Carolina State today. So what we've tried to do like we do with every team is we try to build defensive principles and will just make some little changes and hope that the kids can make those adjustments. ... We've played very good defense against State in almost every game we've played them since we've been back here and we have to continue doing that. ...

"I think [our players] have done a nice job of going through the pre-conference schedule. I think we've been exposed to really good teams and some teams that aren't really good. We've been exposed to zone, we've been exposed to man and the kids have adapted pretty well. So I think we're as prepared as we can be. ... I believe our kids are intelligent and we're getting better and better." Recommended Stories

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