Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--The Tar Heel head coach talks about the coming game with Santa Clara.

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Anticipation of team coming off exam week…will they be rusty?
"When they're this young, you don't have any evidence to lead to any conclusions anyway, so I don't have any idea. Practice yesterday was a very good practice. It was the first full practice we've had since we started exams, and they came in with a great attitude and had a great deal of enthusiasm. So I would expect practice today to be the same and the game tomorrow to be that way, too."

On keeping good chemistry through a long break
"Just go back and do the best we can in practice. But if you think about it, we have know choice, because they are student athletes. Things maybe going poorly and it changes for you and things may be going well and it changes for you. But you don't have much of a choice. We had a good outing against Kentucky, but in the first half against St. Louis, we didn't play that excited anyway. So maybe this will bring us back in a better way."

Do you remember how you first heard about Wes Miller and how he ended up coming here?
"I think he had talked to Coach [Joe] Holliday, and Joe asked me if I would be interested in sitting down with his mom and dad, and I said, ‘Yes.' I think a couple of days after that was when we sat down and talked for the first time."

Did you see him developing into the kind of role he's seeing now?
"Yeah, anybody that works that hard and is that coachable always has a chance. He's not gifted size-wise. But, he is gifted in his threshold for the amount of work that he'll put in, he is gifted in the ability to shoot the ball and understand the game of basketball and what's going on. So, I had hopes about halfway through his first year – during his redshirt year, you would start seeing how he could shoot the ball. Guys that can shoot are the one that can make up for a multitude of sins."

On ACC officials having to replay calls before leaving the arena
"I think anything they do that makes [referees] more accountable is really, really good. I had a guy that was involved in what I thought was a very high-profile play while I was at Kansas. I had him 10 days later and I asked him, ‘When you had a chance to look at it on tape, did you agree with what you called?' He said, ‘I don't remember the play.' It was ridiculous. They work so many games they don't have a chance to improve. We as coaches watch tape all the time, and we show tape all the time to our players. And the NBA makes their guys do it."

In what ways have you seen David Noel make the most strides this year?
"The thing I most pleased with: Sometimes seniors get to the point of thinking it's their time or it's their turn, and they try to do things they're not capable of doing. And David Noel has not done that in one area at all. He's just tried to play the game of basketball and help our team win. And I've had great kids, but I've had some of those kids think it's my time to shine, or it's my time to take the shot. And sometimes they're not capable of doing that. You've got to play what you can do, and I think David is doing that better than anybody I've ever had."

What's Quentin Thomas's situation?
"He practiced yesterday probably 25 percent of practice. So it depends on how he feels when he comes in today. If he can do a little bit more today, then there's a possibility we'll play him tomorrow."

What about your own health?
"I'm glad I don't have to play tomorrow for ability reasons, first of all. Secondly, it would be hard. I don't think I could play golf today. If I'm still feeling this way in April, I'm going to shoot somebody – doctors." Recommended Stories

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