UNC-Miami: John Bunting

UNC-Miami: John Bunting

Obviously I am very, very proud of this football team in the way they responded since that game in Utah. We just beat an extremely, extremely good football team and a great football program. I am very honored as a head coach to be out there with those kids. I was proud of the way those kids battled and hung in there. We talked about the game being a fourth quarter game. We just kept on battling and battling and battling. And then it comes down to a kick and our young freshman put it through.

It was a very gratifying win and it was nice to see they did not get 100 yards rushing. When is the last time that happened ­ 100 years or so. I'm really happy for our fans and these people who have been supporting us these last couple of weeks.

We've been practicing that 2-minute drill and Darian Durant went in there and did a great job.

I can't say enough about Chad Scott. This young man had the game of his career. We knew we weren't going to play Ronnie and we knew it was very unlikely we would play Jacque. This young man (Scott) really came through. And what can you say about the offensive line and what they did tonight.

The defensive line also did a great job, obviously holding them to 77 yards rushing.

(on the win)
I'm been able to be around a lot of big wins and in the light of the last week, to come out and play like this is really terrific. This is absolutely a big win. I've been around a bunch of them. I'm just so happy for the kids and for this staff. I've had a lot of big wins. This one was nice but I am really happy for these kids.

(what was going through his mind)
It's over and we win. And I'm wondering if I will ever get to see Larry Coker (with the kids on the field). I never got to see him. I tried. It was a mob scene out there. And the next thing I saw was the goal post going down, which was kind of cool. Dick Baddour (the AD) said he would be glad to pay for them week in and week out.

(on Scott)
He's always hanging around. He's always a guy we can go to. But we never figured he would have this type of football game. Give him a ton of credit. A very, very courageous effort.

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