(VIDEO) Lambert Ready to Lead

(VIDEO) Lambert Ready to Lead

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.- Virginia sophomore quarterback Greyson Lambert is ready to lead the offense. Lambert discussed the moment where it all clicked, the offense and more at media day.

Greyson Lambertis a student of the game.

"I have plays on my wall. I went to Walmart to get some paint that allows you to have a dry erase board on your wall. So I have this big 6 by 6 foot square so I can do all my plays. I have a projector also in my room so I can watch film.

"It is something that I've loved since day one. If I can get better that is something that I will try to do. I think a year or two ago our meeting rooms in McCue we changed our white boards to the paint and I thought that was just cool and awesome idea. So I wanted to see if I can go get it." Lambert says he has changed a lot since when he first set foot on the Grounds his freshman year. Now he is ready to lead the Virginia offense this fall. The sophomore signal caller said he had lived with a lot of pressure before, but now he has learned to deal with it.

"During spring ball personally I was trying to take every game at a time," said the sophomore quarterback. "Since then I have been able to take it one day at a time, one play at a time. As soon as play is over it's over, and we are moving on to the next one. That helped my mindset."

It also helps that this is offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild's second season at UVa, so Lambert and company will not have a learning curve to deal with this season.

"Steve Fairchild is definitely a player's coach. We love going to the meetings with him and talking with him one-on-one. When it comes to what we are trying to do on the field, we are all on the same page now. No matter the position... we are all clicking and understanding each other's tendencies and know what we are trying to accomplish."

Lambert also discusses the offensive line, the wide receivers and more in the video above.

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