McCord and Akpejiori talk about fall camp

McCord and Akpejiori talk about fall camp

Read on to see what defensive end Tyriq McCord and tight end Raphael Akpejiori are saying a week into fall camp.

Tyriq McCord

On Trent Harris:
Trent came in during the spring. Myself and Quan were already here, and we took on a leadership role. He has come a long way, has a black jersey now. I was teaching him the plays in the beginning and now he’s teaching D Jax the plays. He took a lot of stress off me and it only took him four months to learn the playbook.

On Demetrius Jackson:
They threw him in the fire the first day and he responded well. Each person brings out the best in all of us. Last year we fed off each other. I’ve learned a lot for myself lately too.

On how they’re different:
It’s like I told him earlier, he came in at 235 pounds, maybe 220. How I came in at 209, those guys to come in at 225 plus is amazing. They don’t have to worry about gaining weight as much as I did. Like I said, we bring out the best in each other.

Raphael Akpejiori

On fall camp:
It’s different, exciting, and amazing. It’s great, I can tell you that.

On the improvements he’s made:
It got easier for me because I spent all summer watching film. I learned play calls. We learned all the route running schemes, the code words, and all that. It’s been easier for me learning it.

On comparisons to basketball:
Blocking is like going to knock somebody out or you get knocked out. A lot of the things transfer like running and jumping. It’s not much of a parallel yet. I’m just trying to learn the game the best I can. The things I can take are running and jumping. The playcalling is just something you have to learn and be good at. Recommended Stories

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Read on to see what junior defensive end Tyriq McCord was saying following Sunday's practice.


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