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Tampa Wharton coach David Mitchell had plenty of great things to say about his star wide receiver Auden Tate after he committed to FSU earlier this week.

Earlier this week Tampa Wharton four-star wide receiver Auden Tate committed to Florida State. While at the high school I had a chance to speak with his head coach for a few minutes. David Mitchell had some very interesting and funny things to say about his star wide receiver.

To state the obvious, Mitchell believes the Seminoles are getting a potential big time player in the 6-foot-4, 205-pound wide receiver.

”The sky’s the limit,” Mitchell said. “Seriously. This is a very disciplined kid who works hard. Lawrence Dawsey (FSU wide receiver coach) will be coaching him. He’s outstanding. Auden is probably going to be a Sunday guy.”

FSU is hoping that Tate can be their next Kelvin Benjamin type of outside wide receiver. Certainly he has the frame to bulk up.

”Right now Auden is 205 to 210-pounds,” Mitchell said. “Certainly he’s going to be much bigger down the line. I could certainly see him being 225 to 230. The key is keeping his foot speed and maybe getting even a little faster.”

What makes Tate such a difficult future matchup is his size, even now. He has terrific hands and can go up and down to get the ball.

”I call him area code,” Mitchell said. “Just throw it in his vicinity and he will catch it. He can go up and get the ball. He can go low. Just get the ball anywhere near him and Auden will catch it.

”The one thing I would say is that Auden just needs more speed. I just always have believed you can always get faster. It doesn’t matter the level. But his speed has to compliment his size. He needs to work on some little things like field awareness, reading the secondary, how to run option routes and be on the same page with his quarterback. But that will all come.”

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