Alleyne Talks Top Six

Alleyne Talks Top Six

Jahque Alleyne has trimmed his list. The Virginia Beach (Va.) Ocean Lakes 2015 defensive back announced his top six on Friday night, he broke them down with

Jahque Alleyne has made his first cut. The Virginia Beach (Va.) Ocean Lakes defensive back made the decision to trim his list after talking with his mother.

Alleyene announced on twitter that (in no order) Virginia, Oregon, Louisville, Kentucky, Virginia Tech and East Carolina all made the cut. These six schools have one thing in common for the 2015 standout

“Coaches. They are good coaches. Just talking to them a little bit I have created a good bond with the coaches from all the other colleges. They just tell me I fit very good in their defense and just the way they say it to me, I feel like it is real.”

Shortly after making his announcement, Alleyne discussed each of his schools with

Virginia:A lot of guys from my area are committing there. If there are things there that I haven’t seen yet or I need to see, I am pretty sure they will come and tell me about it. I have also created a good bond with (UVa assistant) coach (Chip) West.

Oregon: Really that is my dream school. The way the coaches talk to me, they just really show they really want me there. I’m glad to receive that (attention). At one point I didn’t think I would ever get that school.

Louisville : A really good school; I heard a lot of good things about it. They just like my height and my playing style, and they want to me come out there and check the campus out. I might be able to check them out sometime soon.

Kentucky: They show me a lot of love. I just really like that they are really stacking up a team out there. I just want to see what they have in store for me. I’ll be visiting there during the season as well.

ECU: Three guys from my school, I’m pretty sure are going to come back and tell me all about it. Coach (John ) Wiley is a good guy. I’ve been there a couple of times and it seems like a really nice place. I can see myself down there as well.

Virginia Tech: I am headed out there on Sunday. I will actually get the chance to look at the campus, because I am going there with a couple of teammates who are going to camp, but I don’t have to camp. They really like recruiting in our area, Trevon (Hill) has already committed there from Salem. I’m looking forward to getting to know the coaches more.

A trip to Blacksburg will not be his last trip, however.

”I really want to go to some of these places during the season,” he said. “I will probably schedule Kentucky, ECU, Louisville for during the season, so I can see the atmosphere during game day and get that experience there as well. “

During each visit he will be checking off a few things off of his list of requirements.

”I am looking at what school has my major. I don’t know if I want to keep on with sports medicine and physical therapy. Or if I want to do business and marketing. I just am looking forward to seeing what they have in academic-wise, and the fan-base and find a school that has great traditions, since I am so used to having traditions out here. “ Recommended Stories

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