Britt: New Shooting Hand 'Natural'

Britt: New Shooting Hand 'Natural'

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Five years after making the decision to shoot with his left hand, North Carolina sophomore guard Nate Britt decided to switch to his right hand this offseason. So far, so good.

Britt’s shooting motion wasn’t a fluid one during his freshman season, and following the 34-game slate, the stats seemed to enhance the potential issue. The Upper Marlboro, Md. native shot 36.7 percent (58-of-158) in 34 games, including a 35.0 mark (3-of-12) from 3-point range.

The common fix for most players is either a mechanical tweak or extra hours putting up shots in the gym. Not so for Britt, who took a few weeks off after the season only to return with a new shooting hand in mind.

“It’s always been like an idea or thought for me to switch back to my right hand,” Britt told reporters on Thursday. “So Coach [Williams] and I talked about it and I just tried it out this summer. It’s been working pretty well for me.”

Britt is a natural lefty, but played with both hands up until his ninth grade year in high school. The decision was made to focus on his left hand at that point to fine tune his shooting ability and get more work in.

Britt still had conversations through high school with his father about switching hands as he played most sports with his right hand. Even though he’s a lefty, Britt said his right has always felt more natural with the basketball, dating back to when he first played as a youngster.

“The right hand does feel a whole lot more natural,” Britt said. “The mechanics, I’ve been told, look a whole lot better.”

UNC doesn’t keep shooting stats during pickup games, but Britt said he has seen improvement in shooting drills with assistant coach Hubert Davis. While he doesn’t have a specific number of shots to shoot each day, he did say he wanted to get up “at least a couple of hundred makes every day.”

Britt talked with his coaching staff about potentially making the change last season as he worked on various minor issues throughout the year. There wasn’t one particular thing that made him go through with the switch, although Britt highlighted a tendency to shoot with his left hand on the side of the ball instead of completely underneath it.

Britt said he still shoots left handed on occasion, but his primary focus is on honing his new shot.

As you might expect, people have told him he was crazy to make the move at this point of his career, but none that watched him play with both hands growing up, according to Britt. Those individuals didn’t see the switch as a big deal.

Britt agrees, saying he doesn’t feel as though he’s starting from scratch.

“It’s not anything new to me,” Britt said. Recommended Stories

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