Spring Game: Larry Fedora Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and transcript excerpts of head coach Larry Fedora's postgame press conference following the Blue Team's 38-17 win over the White Team on Saturday.

Opening comments:
"Had a good day. Got a lot of work done and finished up spring with our fifteenth practice right there. I thought that we had guys on both sides of the ball, on both teams, that made some plays today. We had some guys probably play better than some of them had in spring. We had some that didn't play as well as they should have. That's the way a spring game usually goes. It's tough to do when you're as thin as you are in certain situations, but we still wanted to give it a try and at least we got a game in and got away without any injuries so that's a big deal for me."

Who were some of those guys who impressed you today?
"T.J. Logan and both quarterbacks I thought did some good things. Defensively, I noticed 28 (Brian Walker) making some plays and 42 (Shakeel Rashad). I thought Landon Turner did a nice job, which he's the guy that's going to have the most experience up there. I thought he did a nice job upfront. When you're looking at it from back there you're seeing just spots and glimpses of things, but those guys stood out a few times to me."

How do you feel the quarterback duo of Marquise Williams and Mitch Trubisky faired today?
"I thought their command of the offense was pretty good. I thought there were a couple of times where guys were misaligned and they got them straightened out. I thought they did a nice job of just managing the offense today. There were probably a couple of balls that were thrown that shouldn't have been thrown where they were. We've got to get that adjusted, but I thought the decision-making process was pretty good and that's what I was looking at today."

Comments on the pressure the defensive line created throughout the game:
"They did, especially early on. There's some situations where when you split the teams you don't have backups and now those guys are going seven, eight, nine, twelve plays in a row and you really see that they get out of their comfort zone because they're used to playing about three, four, five plays at a time and then coming out and the next guys roll in. You start seeing some guys getting gassed there later in the game, but early on, I thought that the D-line really got some great pressure on the quarterback."

How has Sam Smiley made strides this spring in the secondary?
"I think Sam's come on pretty good. He's a guy that's got a lot of speed back there. As soon as he gets more comfortable with each and every call and all of the adjustments to make I think he's definitely going to make an impact on defense."

What have you seen growth wise from T.J. Logan this spring?
"He picked up where he left off at the end. If you think about it, he's probably now one year in the program. He's getting better with every rep. He missed a blitz out there that would've been a touchdown, so there's little things like that that he has to pick up on. He's got a lot of room for improvement, but every time he touches the ball he can take it the distance and that's a big plus for you."

Comments on true freshman M.J. Stewart and his impact during the spring:
"You go with him, Elijah Hood, Brandon Fritts, Allen Artis and Bentley Spain and all of those guys came in and they ought to be in high school right now. They're out there competing their rear ends off. M.J. has bee a guy that almost daily we've talked about as a staff as a guy that's making plays. I would say right now that M.J. is definitely in the rotation. He can play boundary corner or field corner. He's learning both and he's really made some plays for us throughout spring. Today wasn't the only day he's done that. He's done that throughout the spring so he's really had a great spring."

Comments on the amount of talent at the cornerback position:
"I believe we do and I think that's why Vic (Koenning) was comfortable moving Tim (Scott). If you're going to take and move him from one spot to another then you better have some guys that can go and play because he's the only one that had any experience out of all of them. Brian Walker and Des Lawrence have really done a nice job this spring and then you throw in M.J. and I think Vic feels very comfortable back there with those guys."

Was there any substance to the high rate of success the offense had today with Mitch Trubisky on the field opposed to when Williams was under center?
"I would say that if you look stat wise, they were probably very similar in the things that happened out there. Part of it is, there's no way I can say the teams were equal by any means. That's really hard to judge. I thought both of them made some good plays. There were a couple of things that I didn't like. There were a couple of balls that were thrown that I didn't like that were thrown. We'll keep evaluating and they'll keep competing."

Improvements by each quarterback during the spring:
"I say with Marquise, it's been leadership. I think with Mitch, it's been that he really now is comfortable and understands the offense. He hasn't gotten any live reps really. I mean fall camp and now this so he's come a long way. He understands the offense now. He's got a pretty good feel for where to go with the ball. I think he's starting to learn how to command the offense now. Each one of them has steps to do to keep progressing."


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