Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

How's Kennedy Meeks feeling?
"He's still a little sick, but he was able to do some running and shooting this afternoon."

On Marcus Paige's numerous accolades from Monday afternoon, including first-team All-ACC and second-team All-America honors:
"Very well-deserved. I really thought that he would be first-team All-ACC by both of them and I was hoping and felt like he should be the most improved. It's just great for him. Second-team All-America leaves him some things to shoot for, but he's just been an incredible player for us. He's fantastic defensively. I'm telling you, he's fantastic defensively. Just needs to get a little bigger and stronger and little more weight so he can take a little more of the pounding, but he's just had an incredible year and I told him I hoped he had about four more weeks left in him."

On four different Tar Heels earning postseason awards:
"I told our guys, ‘if your team wins, everything else takes care of itself.' The players that look for things individually, usually their teams don't win and usually they don't get that either. I was really proud of our guys because I felt all year long that's what they've tried to do, things to help our team. I think James Michael McAdoo set the pace and tone with how hard he played the last 12 or 14 games. I think that was great leadership by example. J.P. has had a really nice year for us and can get a heck of a lot better. Marcus, as we've talked about already… Kennedy, I told him that he had made the seventh-team All-Freshman team in our league. And he's looking at me like, 'what are you telling me, coach?' And I said, ‘oh, excuse me, I read it wrong. You made the first-team All-Freshman team.' … He's really had a good year. He really has. He's been big in some big-time games for us."

Marcus Paige will join T.J. Warren and Jabari Parker as candidates for the ACC Player of the Year Award, which is announced on Tuesday. Thoughts?
"I think Marcus will be considered and will get some great consideration from several people, but I think it's going to come down to T.J. and Jabari. And I have no problem with that. They've played great all year long. T.J., even though his club was 9-9 in the regular season, he has been just phenomenal – 41 and 42 the last couple of basketball games. He's really played really well for them."

Do you like the increased ability for officials to use instant replay to check calls?
"I do like it as long as they do it quickly. Evidently, at the end of the Clemson-Pitt game, it took forever because that's how close it was, but I like that. It went against us in a home game and went in our favor over in Durham the other night. The bottom line for me is get it right. I know you have to understand and live with human error – we've done that in athletics forever – but I like the idea of getting it right."

What can your team take away from the Duke loss to improve moving forward?
"We better be able to take a lot of things. Try something different. We told the guys today to write down the two things that you learned from the Duke game. And they put them on 5x7 cards and gave it to me and then I went around the room after they turned it in and told them what I thought they should have learned from it. I think tomorrow we'll do some run and shoot again. Right before that, we'll look at five minutes and 15 seconds of the game action from Saturday night and it takes about a half hour to go through it. I tend to go back and forth quite a bit. But of those plays, I'm hoping that we'll learn something from that as well."

Have you taken notice of Wichita State's 34-0 regular season record?
"You have to notice them – they're having such a great, great year. I have friends in Wichita that are going crazy over that, and should. They've been a great story for college basketball. They've really, really played well."

On his version of counting sheep:
"Folks, if you want to see what really a sick individual you've got sitting up at this table – not Jones – I had a tough time sleeping last night. So I've been a head coach for 26 years. I went back 26 years and remembered our last game, who we played, for 26 years. Two of them, the last game was really good. Then I said, well, that was too easy, so I went back and figured out, to see if I could remember, where those games were played in the NCAA Tournament. And then I went back for 26 years and tried to figure out how well we did in the Big 8, Big 12 and ACC Tournaments. And I got everyone of them right. I still didn't go to sleep, but I got everyone of them right."

Do you feel like Marcus Paige should be actively trying to score more early in games?
"I said this today – why screw around with something that's working pretty well? You know that old saying, don't fix if it ain't broke? It ain't broken. Would I like him to score 30 in both halves? No, I would hate that. Come on… But the fact of the matter is he's a point guard, he thinks of getting everybody involved, he studies the game and he becomes more focused, more determined and more competitive as the game goes along. That seems to be pretty well for him. Am I going to say you've got to shoot 10 times in the first half? I think that would be stupid. I would like for him to score in both halves.

"Like I said, I'd like him to score 30 in both halves. That would really help us. But it's not any concerted effort for him to do poorly… I think right now Marcus really is trying to get everyone else involved, which I like, he is studying the game, which I like, and as it comes closer to crunch time, he becomes even more competitive, which I like. We talk a little bit about it, but not as much time as I answered that question, I can tell you, because it seems to working pretty doggone well."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates, including UNC's flagship station (WCHL 1360AM/97.9FM). Recommended Stories

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