Roy Williams PC Quotes

Roy Williams PC Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - The head coach addressed the media ahead of his team's matchup with Duke on Saturday.

On this week's practice schedule:
"We played Monday, Tuesday was off, Wednesday was run-and-shoot, [Thursday] was the first day we practiced. We need to have a great practice today, there's no question. Four games in eight days, seven games in 16 days – down here at the stretch you want to try make sure the kids have their legs and they're fresh. So we're going a little shorter. We had good work yesterday, but that's the only we've worked since the Notre Dame game. We need some time on the floor because we weren't very efficient defensively or offensively the last couple of games."

Has the emotional games in addition to the quantity led to some emotional fatigue as well?
"I think so. To me, it's more mental than it is physical. I think mentally you're just… ‘Gosh.' You have to take a deep breath and catch your breath and then realize now is when we really get to start having some fun. So we try to talk about that a little bit, but they've got to handle it."

What was the key to limiting Duke's effectiveness from 3-point range in the first meeting?
"We tried to guard them better, but they missed some shots. It's really the truth. I watched the tape last night of the Wake Forest game… Wake played great and really did some good things, but Duke missed some shots. So you have to hope that that happens. We do pay attention probably against [Duke] more than anybody else about guarding the 3-point line because they shoot so many and they've been so successful. Just look at their percentages. We pay more attention to that and try to emphasize it. Did we do that great of a job of it? No, I don't know that I would say that. We did better, but I still wouldn't say that we did a great job of it."

You said earlier in the season that this team didn't have much margin of error. Has that component increased to where you would like it to be?
"No, I'd like it to be a lot bigger, but I think it has gotten bigger than it was at that time. We had to have everything rolling for us correctly. I can't remember exactly when I said that, but I remember the feeling I had was that if everything is not working effectively, we're not going to win. We have to play very close to our potential for us to win. And the margin has gotten a little bit bigger. Some guys have come off the bench and really given us more. Earlier, we had some time periods where we didn't get much from those guys coming in."

During the low points earlier in the season, how much did you rely on your assistant coaches?
"Well, I rely on them all of the time. Even when things are going good, I say, ‘let's not get complacent. Let's change some things. It's not change for change's sake.' Coach Smith said one time sometimes change is good just for change's sake and I want to change to get better, so I rely on them to do that. Having a veteran staff that believes in what we're doing is really important to a head coach. Having a veteran staff that you can really trust is really important. If you don't trust your staff, it's hard to be successful in any way shape or form. No one has more trust in their staff than I do in mine… We're going in to fight and those are the guys that I want with me. They give me an awfully comfortable feeling because of that trust."

What's your take on the block/charge rule? Do you think the change has hurt or helped?
"I think the thought process behind the rules change was really good because I thought we had way too many charges called. People not being there, not being set, acting, flopping. In the NBA, they fine you. So I think the intent of the rule is really good. I think we need to keep looking at it. I've always been one that I don't think you should make a rule and change it immediately. Give it some time to see if it's going to work, but I do believe the idea, the intent of the rule, was really good.

"And now, how well are we calling those fouls? Let's look at a bunch of them on tape. The national coordinator and all of the supervisors, look at a bunch of them on the tape, take that to the rules committee and see if it's good. I was on the rules committee for six years. I had a term and a half – I replaced somebody and then ended up being the chair. I've never been with a committee that had the seriousness that committee has, so I trust them immensely. Let's not change something without giving it time." Recommended Stories

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