UNC-VT: Roy Williams Postgame

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and a transcript of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Virginia Tech on Saturday.

Opening comments:
"It was really a workmen like game. I thought Virginia Tech's zone defense really gave us problems. We didn't get the kind of movement we've been getting nor did we shoot the ball as well. A week ago, we shot 70 percent from three and all this kind of stuff but we didn't do it very well today and didn't make free throws down the stretch either. You've got to congratulate them for their defense bothering us. It was a workman like effort for us, there's no question.

"I thought James Michael's (McAdoo) activity in the second half was really huge. It's something to have two or three or four points at halftime and then come back and be that active defensively. For him to knock that ball loose and chase it down the court, I thought it really hit their player's leg but on TV evidently it looked like it didn't but that would've been a really big time play then. We gave them some chances.

"We missed two free throws to make it a three-point game. You don't like those scenarios right there. I really did a nice job coaching at the end, I screamed at Leslie (McDonald) and told him to make the free throw. That's really intelligent. For us, J.P. (Tokoto) made a big basket when they did get it tied and it's important for us to do a better job on the backboards. Second-chance points, it was 8-2 but I felt like we almost never got to the offensive boards where we wanted to be.

"Still, it's another win going 12-4 in the league we're happy with the result, but we've got to play better and we've got to get better. What's happening to Virginia Tech right now is that it's just a snowball rolling down the hill. Things are going wrong for them every time they turn around and it's unfortunate for them. James (Johnson) is a fantastic person and big time coach and they've just got to have a couple of breaks. I was glad it wasn't against us, there's no question, but he just needs a couple of breaks to get it going."

Is it good to prove that your team can win playing "ugly" and not at your best?
"We've won some games ugly, it hasn't all been pretty. You have to understand that you're going to go through a season and sometimes you're going to play really well and you hope you win those games. Sometimes you can even lose those but you hope you win. To have a great year you have to win a lot of games ugly to be honest with you the way I look at it."

What allowed James Michael to get going in the second half?
"I think it was his activity, a couple of big plays defensively. We found him a couple of times in the zone but in the first half we were 5 for 16 inside the three-second lane. We didn't finish plays, needless to say. He finished one with that big dunk and got a very fortunate bounce when I thought there was a foul on the play and I'm screaming and then all of a sudden the ball goes in the basket. That was about as weird of a bounce as it can possibly be. I think it was his activity more than anything."

Were you happy of the quality of shots your team was able to get in the first half?

What has surprised you or stood out to you most about your team throughout the win streak?
"I don't if I'd say surprise because I think we have good kids but they've really bought in to the playing harder sense of urgency idea that I've talked about all year. I think one thing that's been helpful and I wouldn't say is a surprise because that acts like you don't care or don't think your teammates can do something but Joel (James) gave us three or four good minutes, Desmond (Hubert) gave us three or four good minutes.

"Brice (Johnson) and Kennedy (Meeks) were struggling and those guys came in and gave us some good minutes. Joel was in the game and two straight possessions defensively he did exactly what he was supposed to do. We ended up getting a turnover and scoring on the other end. Desmond got us an offensive rebound for a basket and got us another offensive rebound that we scored on that possession as well."

Comments on Marcus Paige's performance:
"He missed some shots today. I think he had some pretty good looks but sometimes he's not selfish enough. He passes up some looks that might have even been better for him. Their kids hustle back. I think there's two different kids, Wilson and Johnson both that hustled back and made two big time defensive plays. One time against Marcus and one time against Nate (Britt) there at the end. He missed a couple of shots. I think it's good, Marcus Paige scores nine points and we still win. He has one assist and we still win."

Is it tough for your team to bounce back and be ready to play after dealing with emotional games?
"Oh it is, but I told them in the locker room at halftime that we've had 85 practices and 29 games. If you can't get fired up 29 times then there's something wrong with you because I don't buy all that junk yet everybody says it's a bunch of junk. If I get to play 29 games, I'm going to play my blankety blank off 29 times. 85 days of practice, I may have a day in practice I may not be. I sound like Allen Iverson, practice, I may have a day in practice that I'm not into it but I'll be darned if I have a game where I'm not into it."

Comments on clinching a top-4 seed in the ACC Tournament:
"Well it's a goal because I knew it was going to happen if we won today, but it hasn't been something that we've talked about. I told the team in the locker room and they had no idea. I told them after the game. I didn't say anything about it at first. I don't know if I care much about getting a bye as much as I do meaning that you've had a pretty good run. I like winning games. I did tell them that in the locker room and now we've got a big time game on Monday."


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