Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

On the loss to Wake Forest:
"It's about as frustrating as it can possibly be. It's what you have when you're messing with 18-, 19-, 20-, 21-year-old kids, but we didn't play well. There's a lot of things, I didn't coach well and the bottom line is, in my opinion, I thought Wake Forest really wanted to win the game a lot more than we did. To say I'm frustrated would be the nicest way I could possibly put it. We were going to give them the day off today because we're still not in class. We brought them in and did the weight program for about 35 minutes because the way the schedule falls we're only going to have one day to lift anyways. We took them on the court for one hour, that's all it was and it was almost exactly an hour. Then we took them into the locker room and watched tape for an hour. I think the old eye in the sky don't lie and they see the things right now. Hopefully it got their attention and if it didn't then they're not alive is the bottom line."

Primary focus of practice Monday for the post players:
"It was a tough night putting the ball in the basket. I would bet we spent 45 minutes of it with the big guys posting up low and that means low with your butt down to the ground and it also means low down in the lane. We explained to them what both of those meant and showed it to them and worked on that for about 45 minutes and finishing plays. It was the most physical practice we've had for an hour all year long. They were beating each other up and it didn't bother me in the least bit. We've got to be more forceful around the basket and finish plays. Hopefully it helped us today and we're going to try to do the same thing tomorrow."

Improving the team's intensity level:
"We showed them 20 (Wake Forest) layups on the tape this afternoon so the players don't have to take our word for it. They saw it when it was happening and they saw it in the tape room this afternoon too. Someway, somehow Roy Williams has got to do a better job of getting the kids more fired up and more enthused. I've always said I shouldn't have to coach effort. I shouldn't have to coach interest. I shouldn't have to coach desire. I should coach the execution of what we're trying to do but I've done a poor job getting these kids fired up to play and it better change. That's the bottom line."

Leslie McDonald's technical foul:
"I definitely thought it was a big play in the game. We had cut their lead from 13 to six and we had the ball. I think that what happened was unfortunate. I do have the privilege of looking at it on tape and going back and forth. I guess I could still get in trouble, I'm not saying that cost us the game by any means whatsoever. I jumped our kids because one of kids said something about it and I said if we play better then I'll start complaining about the officiating. As bad as we played how the crap could I say anything about the officiating? In my opinion, it would've been a better play if the officials had called the foul when the Wake Forest player went down on Leslie to start with. They didn't call that and then what I think they called was fine. I had no problem with that and I told them that. I think the way it worked out it gave them two free throws and they made one and got the ball out of bounds and made a basket. It was a three-point swing and instead of our ball they get three more points and it goes from six to nine. We still cut it back again but it would've been nice for them not to have had that three-point gain. In the heat of the game the officials are going to miss them, they're going to get some right and get some wrong. Again, I jumped some people on our club last night for just their attitude or something that was said as we were going off the court the last 20 seconds. I don't mind getting after the officials but I want us to play well enough to make me feel like I can do that and last night I didn't feel like they did."

What's the current status of Joel James?
"He's there. It's just that we made the decision that we were going to hold him out for a certain number of days to see how he felt. On Friday's practice that was the decision maker because we asked him to do a little bit more and he was sore afterwards so then we cut him back a little bit Saturday and played the game Sunday. We put his name in the book in case of an emergency. We could've played him but at the same time I said let's let him shoot layups and stretch and work out a little bit, get one more day and see how the knee feels. He was full go today at practice with no limitations. Unless he gets some pain or swelling or something he will be able to play."

The potential of Kennedy Meeks:
"Kennedy has a chance to be a really good basketball player. He's got to decide how important it is because he did a really nice job of going from 317 to 283 (pounds) but to get even better he's got to go lower because he's not as explosive now as he needs to be. He's got wonderful hands and wonderful passing ability and touch. He's going to a good scorer for us inside but right now he doesn't have enough lift and enough explosiveness to go up and score over people."

What's the situation with Stilman White moving forward?
"Well, it's the same answer I had the other day. I talked to Stilman's dad today and we're looking at some possibilities. Stilman got hurt on his mission and had surgery on his ankle so we're looking at a lot of things right now as to whether he can come back right now or if it's the best thing for him right now. We don't have any scholarships right now so we're talking (to his family) and we'll continue doing that. The best way to keep up with it is to look out there and see if you see him."

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