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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what assistant coach C.B. McGrath said on the radio program this week as he filled in for Roy Williams? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell, which included ....

Comments on Kennedy Meeks being named the ACC Rookie of the Week and his best performances on the season coming against Louisville and Michigan State:

"I guess because he's a freshman and he's sort of playing up to his competition and or down to his other competition. Obviously, we want to sustain the effort that he's shown against Michigan State and Louisville all the time. He's an 18-year-old kid and he likes to have success and when he has that success he's really good. Obviously, he was key against Louisville with his long passes. I mean that's something that's his biggest strength other than now he's rebounding pretty well and he's scoring in the post, using his body and those kind of things. He's going to get much better and we're excited that he's on our team."

What do like about what Nate Britt's been showing as late on the court in this last stretch?

"I think he's starting to feel more comfortable. It goes back to a few years. Like last year, Marcus Paige struggled to shoot the ball and he's a great shooter. He came in thinking that he was not going to start at point because we had Kendall Marshall, who was a sophomore. So last year, we were recruiting Nate and he commits to us. Well he thinks Marcus Paige is going to be our starting point guard. Well we've had a few issues with our wings and so now Marcus Paige is the starting two man and Nate's our starting point guard. You put being a freshman, trying to run the point is tough but then you put a lot of pressure on yourself like 'I've got to do great things.' Well, he does and he's just got to go out and do what he does best. I think when the pressure's on, he sticks to what he does best as opposed to thinking 'should I do more here or do more there?' Obviously, the Michigan State game he penetrated like we wanted him to. We want him to find the open man and he knocked down his free throws. He hadn't made his free throws yet and he's a good free throw shooter so with the pressure on I think he was 7-8 that game from the line. They were trying to foul him because the percentage was not good but he stepped up to the line and knocked them down. We're really happy about how Nate's progressing. Obviously, we want everybody to get better defensively and he needs to stay in front of the ball so we don't allow those direct drives that lead to open shots too. He can get to the lane. He's struggled finishing a little bit and I don't know if he's looking around because obviously they're bigger and better athletes at the college level than there were at the high school level but he should be able to finish in there a little bit better. We like how he can get to the lane because then it sucks the defense in and he can kick out to some shooters whenever they might come back."

Thoughts on James Michael McAdoo and his role on this team:

"James Michael, he's a great kid. He just wants the team to win. If he plays well, great, and if he doesn't then great. He just wants the team to win. I think people on the outside make much ado about how much you score and what he's missing and when he's missing his free throws. Obviously, he has pressure on himself and he wants to do better. Anything good that happens to any of these young kids we're really excited about. He's team first and you always want your leaders to be team first, especially at Carolina and he definitely is that."

Comments defending Roy Williams:

"... Coach obviously has done a great job. With Twitter and this stuff now, it's all about self-promotion. ... But in the 10 years he's been here, no college basketball team has been to more Final Fours, no college basketball team has won more national championships - but yet you read about who is the most overrated coach and it's always Coach Williams. And it's absolutely ridiculous. It's because he's not this young, hotshot guy that is having people Tweet out stuff and getting buddy-buddy with the media people that call the games and they talk about certain people - they don't talk about Coach that much because, you know what, he wants to do what he does ... His success has been unbelievable. ... Bobby Knight, Rick Pitino, Jim Calhoun - all in the Hall of Fame - and Bo Ryan, Thad Matta and Tom Izzo: Coach's record against those guys is 30-3. It's pretty impressive. ... I'm on Twitter, in terms of I read it, and I get tired of hearing that stuff. And there's no way I could Tweet something ... so I figured I'd just say it now ..."

How can Kennedy Meeks earn more playing time as the season progresses?

"I think everybody wants to play more minutes. Coach wants to give the people that are playing the best the minutes and those kinds of things. Kennedy still is getting into shape and still is getting to where he can play as much as he is playing. Obviously, he's had good games and some bad games. Defensively, we grade the film every single game and there's a good to bad ratio defensively and he needs to get his a little better. That's something that you don't see in the box score that's pretty important to the game of basketball that Coach feels is very important. We sort of stick to that. There's some things that he needs to do defensively to help us out. Definitely screen on the ball - screen on the ball is a tough thing to guard in college basketball now. He needs to get down in his stance when his man is setting a screen and help and obviously some missed box outs here and there. The thing about Kennedy is that he has great hands. So sometimes, he doesn't box out but he still ends up with the ball. He might have a bad box out but get the ball because his hands are so great and he can keep it alive and tip it to himself. He has done a great job for us so far and obviously the better he gets, the more he's going to play."

Schedule for players during exams heading into the Kentucky game:

"We were off yesterday after the Greensboro game and then today we did a run and shoot which is just running and shooting and then they get some weights in. That's the same thing tomorrow. Wednesday is a reading day. We're going to practice early in the morning so Coach can go on the road recruiting. Thursday is going to be sort of an optional day if they want a break in their studying and they want to come in and get some shots up they can. Then Friday we'll practice and Saturday we'll play."

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