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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Comments on loss to UAB on the road:
"We got it to one but we never had the ball when we got it to one. The best we ever had with the ball was when it was a three-point game. We did have some opportunities. We did get some stops, we got some blocked shots around the rim and protected the rim a little bit better. It was not a very good day for the good guys. I say that jokingly because I think Jerod Haase is one of the all time good guys. I told him before the game, ‘You know I'm pulling for you like crazy but right now I love my team a whole heck of a lot more that I love you.'

"They outplayed us. That's the bottom line. They wanted it more. They hustled more. They did the things that you have to do. They had more intensity and that's aggravating to a coach. I've always felt like that I should coach execution. I shouldn't have to coach effort. I tell every prospect, I go in there home and I say I will never try to embarrass you except for two things. If you do not hustle I would like to hold up a sign that says, ‘You're not hustling' and try to get the cameraman's attention.

"We need to play with more intelligence and more savvy. It was not a good day for us. We made four free throws. They made 22. They outrebounded us by 52 to 37 and they had 13 more possessions than we did. We hold a team to 30.7 percent and we can't win the game because they have 13 more possessions. You can't beat people like that. I was not pleased with our effort. I wasn't pleased at all and I haven't been pleased all night. I was not pleased at practice today and will not be pleased at practice tomorrow."

Why travel and face an opponent on the road in tough environment in a game early in the season?
"I think it's good for your team. Especially if you're good and you really want to see how good. I'm dumb enough, I took my Kansas team and played Princeton at Princeton when Princeton was really good. I think those kind of things are great and it's tough for you and the whole bit. We lost to College of Charleston. We lost playing Saint Louis at Saint Louis one time.

"When I took Tyler Hansbrough he was going to beat them by himself. We lost some of those games but I think it has been good for us. We don't feel good about it at that moment or 24 hours later either. I think I've always been proud of how we've played on the road. You have to focus. You have to play with poise. We didn't quite get it done yesterday so we're going to get better."

Comments on the state of the team:
"It's my fault. I've got to get them to play harder. You know me, I'm straightforward. I'm not telling you anything I didn't tell them in the locker room. Coach (Steve) Robinson and I figured out about three games in 26 years that I've ever said negative things to my team in the locker room. I mean Belmont I took the blame and I had no problem with that. I was on their case in the locker room yesterday. I was on their case at practice today. I'm going to be on their case tomorrow. I'm going to be on their case Wednesday. "

They hate it because we don't play until Wednesday night at nine o'clock so we had this pretty itinerary to wake up at 11 o'clock and breakfast at 11:30 and shoot around at one. I changed it. We're having a film session at nine a.m. Wednesday morning and that's just the start. I'm going to be one of the meanest blank blanks in the valley the next 48 hours."

Comments on the defensive job done by UAB to limit Marcus Paige's offense:
"We're limited. We know that. We understand that. It's who we have. We've got to do a better job of giving him some help. Brice (Johnson) gets three fouls in the first half in like four minutes or something crazy like that. He was averaging double figures before the game so the guys that have been giving us the scoring didn't score as much. Then all of sudden now there's more pressure on Marcus and their defense rightfully so was focused on him. We've got to do a better job. I've got to do a better job of getting him open shots."

How can Brice Johnson improve defensively to improve from getting into early foul trouble?
"Well he does have to improve defensively. If he was better defensively, he'd play a heck of a lot more. There's no question about that. He made some bad fouls. Against Louisville, he fouled a guy 94 feet away from his basket. The guy was almost out of bounds. You've got to play more intelligently but he's got to keep his hands out of there.

"They came down the lane and I thought he was going to try to block the shot but he put his hands in there and they're calling all of those things. He's got to stay out of foul trouble but he's got be better defensively. That's the whole thing. Jackson (Simmons) and Desmond (Hubert) probably do a better job defensively. Brice and Kennedy (Meeks) probably give us more scoring. I can't merge them. Brice does have an ability to score but he has to play harder."

J.P. Tokoto had a career-high 16 points, you said afterward that you liked his aggressiveness -
"...I know one time he goes down and he tries to triple pump fake and all he's got to do is drop the ball to Nate Britt and Nate lays it up. He was 7-for-11, I liked that. He penetrated in the middle a couple times, I liked that. He got a steal and he dunked it. You're not going to find anybody, other than the water boy or somebody like that, that I'm going to brag on. Because when I got J.P's defensive grade, it sucked too. That was bad but so was his defensive game, so it's all even.""

How concerning is James Michael McAdoo's play of late?
"Well I got James Michael and Isaiah Hicks both in a problem because we're trying to get them to cross the line. You have a point guard spot. You have a two, three spot and you have a four, five spot. Four and five do the same thing. Two and three do the same thing. I'm asking James Michael to cross over and play some three and some four. It's even harder for Isaiah because Isaiah's a freshman trying to cross over. Part of this is my fault. I thought James Michael would be able to handle it better. We had a talk today. We're going to talk again tomorrow but I've got to simplify particularly for Isaiah to get him in the game and understand what's going on a little bit more. James Michael is just trying to be too much right now. We've got to limit some of the things he's doing. If we do that then I think he'll bounce back and do some good things."

Do you think you need to have one-and-done type of talent to have success at the highest levels of today's college basketball world?
"You want to have some of the best players, there's no question - we won two national championships and had four guys drafted in the lottery one time and three in the first round and one in the second round (the other time). But it's fun to coach really good teams, too. We played for the national championship in '91 with one guy that was drafted. ... That was a great team. We've seen with the Butlers that the team plays really well together. Everyone would choose talent first, but if you can have experienced talent it really is good. If you have an experienced group of guys who are willing to make sacrifices for the common goal, you have a chance. But most of the time talent wins out ..."

Is it harder nowadays to achieve that balance the way you want it in recruiting?
"You never know. Two years ago no one in this room thought Kendall would leave after his sophomore year ... Last year even after the season ended no one thought Reggie would leave. I'm dumb enough that I thought we'd have Marcus, Reggie on one wing and P.J. on the other wing and we can play with anybody. But you can't prepare for that. It is harder. I'd like to have two or three of those Tyler Hansbroughs, Ty Lawsons - those big time players - but I'd also like to have some guys who are going to be there 3-4 years and give you stability and a good foundation for your program."

Is the plan for Stilman White still to re-join Carolina basketball after his mission?
"That's still the plan. He's got to finish his mission and we don't know when that's going to be. But he's a wonderful young man and I'm hoping that's the way it works out."

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