UNC-ODU: Larry Fedora Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and transcript excerpts of head coach Larry Fedora's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Old Dominion on Saturday.

Opening comments:
"Proud of this football team for what we've accomplished. Especially the way these guys have hung together and kept working hard and believing in each other. Happy to get a win today at home in front of our fans and our students and we're looking forward to the next one."

How did the decision to have a 10-minute fourth quarter occur?
"Bobby (Wilder) asked the head official if we could shorten the game there and I was all for it. We wanted to get off of the field. We were about winning with class and not trying to embarrass anybody. We just wanted to get that game done."

How do you account for the offensive dominance today?
"The guys prepared themselves very well throughout the week. The offensive coaches challenged those guys. They were very disappointed in the second half of last week so they challenged them to play for four quarters and got after them. The kids responded."

What's it like as a coach to see your team breaking records and playing at such a high level today despite the slow start to the season?
"For me, I have a sense of pride in these players and what they are accomplishing. That's the reward. It's seeing them with smiles on their faces, seeing them when things weren't so go they kept believing and they kept doing the things that we were asking them to do. That's the reward that I get. Now they're reaping those rewards and good things are happening for them and they're finding ways to make plays and their confidence is growing. They've just pulled together as a football team and they're enjoying each other and having a good time."

Have you been waiting all season to see a breakout performance from T.J. Logan like the one we saw today?
"I'm waiting for it every play. It doesn't matter who the running back is. I was really looking forward to him getting out and getting open. If you think about it, it was probably the game last week that might be the worst game he's even played in his life. He really responded very well."

How do you balance trying to win a football game but also not running up the score in a classless way?
"It's hard. It's a very uncomfortable situation actually for me. Plus my coaches are mad at me and they want to keep rolling and they want to put other guys in and let those guys get good experience. That staff on the other side has families. Those kids on the other side are working their butt off and they've been in the program for five years and he's trying to build something. I think we accomplished what we needed to accomplish."

What kind of growth have you seen from Marquise Williams since he became the starting quarterback?
"You look at what he's accomplished since he's taken over and what this team has accomplished since then. Anytime you're in an offense like that it starts at his spot. The growth has come in his leadership. The growth has come in his confidence in what he's doing within the offense and him realizing that all he has to do is stay within the parameters of offense and good things are going to happen. That's what he's doing."

What did you see from Marquise Williams specifically in the passing game today?
"I think he threw the ball well today. He really did. He didn't force anything. There were some things that weren't there early on and he was holding the ball. We probably would've liked to check it down a few more times. But he didn't throw into coverage and he did a nice job. What he's doing is he's taking the ball and putting it where it's supposed to go."

Comments on potential pitfalls next week after playing so well this week:
"You never play a perfect football game so there's going to be plenty to teach off of and plenty to learn from and we got a lot of guys some reps so those guys will really learn from the experience they got. That's a good situation for them."

What worked today with the rushing attack?
"Pretty much everything in the running game. Early on, they ran quite a few blitzes, run stopping blitzes with interior linebackers crossing. It created some problems but it created opportunities on the perimeter and that's why we were running east and west a lot in those situations. We threw the perimeter screens out because of what they were doing inside. Eventually we got them away from that and then it just opened up everything in the running game."

What was the frustration for Ryan Switzer when he couldn't even get on the field to field punts in the first half?
"We talked about that as a team that before this game every started that I didn't think they would put their punt team out there. I thought they would probably keep their offense out there and their quarterback. They had gone for it on fourth down 22 times coming into this game. I though that was smart on their part. They got a fumble from us because we made a bone head mistake and then we didn't have a return guy back there any of the other times because you can't. You're worried about them going for it on fourth down so that was smart on their part. Keep him off the field and he can't hurt you."

Comments on Eric Ebron:
"He played. Didn't you see him drop that ball on the long pass? He could've played the whole game if we wanted to. At some point we decided there was no reason for him to play anymore. He's fine. There's no problem."


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