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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Larry Fedora discussed Bryn Renner's season-ending injury and the quarterback position in general during his weekly radio program on Tuesday night.

Can you take us through how the whole Bryn Renner process has transpired since the injury suffered in the N.C. State game on Saturday?
"Well it's just unfortunate for him. Especially for a senior and a kid that's done so much for the program. First of all, you hate it for him. You hate it for a team. You hate it for all of Carolina because Bryn's done so much. He's a leader on our football team. He's thrown for over 8,000 yards. He's thrown for 64 touchdown passes. He's done some incredible things.

"We talk about it all the time with our players. You're one play away from it all being over with. So you hope you don't take things for granted. Unfortunately for him it is here at Carolina. We're going to move forward. Marquise (Williams) is going to step up and lead this football team and we're going to move from there."

How has Renner taken the news and how has the team responded?
"Well it's been rough on Bryn. I mean it's been really rough. When the MRI was read the doctor didn't give him any choice at all on the matter. It was we're going to have to have surgery. We're going to need to do it this week and this is it. It's been kind of a shock to him. It really has. He knew it dislocated in the game but he came back in and played. He felt like he would rehab a little bit, get a little bit of strength back into it and be ready to play. He just did not know the extent of the injury at that time.

"Team-wise, we've never mentioned it. We didn't talk about it in meetings. We didn't talk about it at all. We don't ever talk about injuries. We don't talk about them with anybody. Everybody understands in this game that they come and they go. The next guy's got to step up and that's why the next guy's got to be prepared. I think Marquise has done a nice job with that."

How does the rest of your quarterback depth chart look behind Marquise Williams?
"Well I see the next guy that's thrown a touch down pass would be Ryan Switzer so we'd probably put Switzer out there. Quinshad Davis, we'd throw him in there and then we'll just see. No, but Kanler Coker and Mitch Trubisky are preparing right now to be that next guy. We'll just see what happens from there."

Is the goal to keep Mitch Trubisky's red-shirt status for the season?
"Ultimately, yes. But you know if duty calls he's ready to go. I can assure you. He came by the other night when he heard about it. It was about 9:30 at night and he came by the office and said, ‘Coach, I just wanted to let you know I'm ready with whatever you need me to do.' He's got the right attitude about it. Kanler's got the right attitude. They all do. Bryn has done a really good job leading that group. He's been the leader in that quarterback room and he's done a good job preparing those kids."

Does it give you more confidence having seen Marquise Williams produce from the pocket already this season as he moves forward as the starter?
"We're very comfortable with Marquise in the game. I think the team is too. That's the silver lining in him playing up to this point is that the team is very comfortable with him. They have confidence in him. They know he can get the job done and they feel good about it. It's not like that everybody's got to rally around a guy that hasn't played where we're all going to have to play super human to be able to get it done. It's not going to need that. Everybody just needs to do their job and he's do his and we'll be okay."

Comments on Landon Turner's play on the offensive line against N.C. State:
"He really did a nice job. We talked about that was the strength of their defense was their four down guys especially inside. Landon, time after time, he dominated his guy. He drove him off the ball in the running game. It was big factor in why we were successful running the football."

Will there be fewer designed run plays for Marquise Williams now that he is the official starter and primarily taking the reps in the pocket?
"We talked about that. Some of the times on the hits, he was just extending plays and doing those things. We're going to always have a couple of quarterback runs that are designed for him because we want to take advantage of what he can do. But yeah, we don't want to get him beat up. No doubt about it."

Comments of Kanler Coker and what he brings to the team from the quarterback position:
"Well Kanler can throw the ball and he can run. He's a dual threat guy. He can do both. If we get to Kanler we feel pretty confident that he will be able to go out there and lead this football team."

Thoughts on the Virginia Cavaliers:
"Well first of all, if you remember last year they lost six games in a row and then they went to N.C. State for their homecoming and won the game. They've been in this situation before. Let me tell you, it's tough when you look at them on film they don't look like a 2-7 football team. They're in every one of these games. You keep looking and you say when's the other team scoring and when's it getting out of hand. It doesn't until late in the fourth quarter. They're playing a lot of young kids. They've got some talented guys. They're doing some good things. We are going to have to play a really good football game."

What have you seen from Jon Tenuta's Virginia defense:
"He's blitzing about 60 percent of the time. He's going to bring the heat and he may even decide to do more now and test Marquise out. We've got to prepare for that. You have to understand that sometimes they're going to get you on some of the blitzes. Hopefully you're going to bust them your share of the time."

Comments on Virginia quarterback David Watford:
"He's a dual-threat guy. He can run and they're taking advantage of him. He's got a nice arm on him. He throws the ball well. They've got a running back that's doing really well and they're trying to get the ball to the five-star recruit, Taquan Mizzell, and they're doing that out in open spaces. It's definitely tough on you."

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