Larry Fedora Radio Show Quotes

Larry Fedora Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Larry Fedora said on his weekly radio program on Tuesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

On capturing UNC's first conference win of the season:
"We needed it. We needed it really bad. Our team needed it. Our fans needed it. Every Tar Heel out there needed it. We talked about it week. It was going to boil down to how bad we really wanted it. If we could overcome what mistakes we made and make fewer mistakes, which we did and we played much better as a football team. We still have got a long way to go but we're making progress. In the last couple of weeks we've had quite fewer mistakes. We're starting to kick it into gear in some phases. We're still waiting on a few things to happen but eventually we'll get there."

On the two-quarterback system employed by the Tar Heels:
"Between the two of them, no turnovers. They took care of the ball. They managed the game well. They have done a really nice job between the two of them in the transition and the team doesn't miss a beat. The guys really don't think one way or the other. It doesn't matter to them. They have confidence in both kids. That's why we're able to move them in and out of series, move them in and out of quarters and it doesn't bother anybody. It just depends on the package that we're using at that time or the play call."

Have you felt a difference this week coming off of a win as opposed to coming off of a loss?
"You know I've been asked that a bunch. These kids have been very consistent. I mean they really have and that's a good thing. You don't want them to be too high. You don' want them to be too low. They came out Sunday and they practiced just like they have every Sunday. Today we had a really good practice just like we've had in the other weeks on Tuesday. I'm really proud of the way that they've handled practice."

On Kareem Martin's play over the past few weeks and his impact on the field:
"Kareem is taking advantage of everything that the University of North Carolina has to offer him. He knows that it's coming to an end for him. This is his career here and he is really working extremely hard every day to get as much out of practice and as much out of these games as he can. He was playing well early on and now he is just taking it to another level. It's good to see a guy that puts that much work and that much effort and invests so much having that kind of success."

On Brandon Ellerbe's play against Boston College and receiving the special teams player of the game for his performance:
"Ellerbe had some huge hits on the kickoff coverage. He had some great tackles and also he just ran through guys on his way doing it. He really played the way we want him to play on kickoff. He kind of set the tone for the rest of the guys there."

On red-shirting freshmen defensive linemen:
"You challenge those guys all the time to make sure they're getting something out of their redshirt year and not just playing a role as a scout team player. We challenge them all the time. Dajuan (Drennon), Greg Webb and Nazair Jones is another one. Those three guys are out there every day pushing hard and trying to get better. It's hard to do that. It just depends on what happens in the year and what kinds of injuries occur. The farther you get along you hate doing it but sometimes it happens and you just have to. You don't have a choice. You have to do what's best for the football team.

On the running back depth chart and the rotation on Saturday against Boston College despite T.J. Logan being listed as the starter:
"First of all, that depth chart goes out on Mondays. There's a lot of things that happen throughout the week of practice. I don't know that anybody intended that T.J. was going to be the starter in the game. The previous week he was because of the play selection we were going to open the game with. Then from that point he's had good weeks in practices and it just happened in the game. I didn't even know he was the fourth one to get in. I know he did a nice job when he was in there. I thought Romar (Morris) probably played his best game when he was in there. The other two got reps also so we're still rolling guys in right to find out who wants to catch fire."

Was it the plan for T.J. Thorpe to take a knee on the three-yard line on the last kickoff return in the Boston College game?
"We were set up for an onside kick and they ended up kicking the ball deep. Basically what we've told the return guy in that situation, usually the reason we line up for an onside kick is they're behind and they need to get the ball back. If they kick the ball deep, make sure you secure the ball and the most important thing is that we have the ball at the end of the play. Secure the ball. Do whatever you can and go down and don't get touched. He was on the two or three yard line. It wasn't ideal but it wasn't something that we were worried about at that time."

Thoughts on Saturday's matchup with N.C. State:
"I think it's going to be a blast. I really do. To me, and I've said this before I think that's what makes college football so great. It's the regional rivalries that you have, the bragging rights, the animosity amongst the fans and all the things that take place. I think that's the fun part about it."

Do you have to do anything to prepare your team for the atmosphere this weekend in Raleigh?
"Well we practice everyday with noise so it's not something that really even enters our guy's minds. That's kind of the way we plan it. We've played in front of hostile crowds. You want to use that to your advantage. There's something about getting out there and playing when people are hollering, cussing you, talking about your mom and all those things. It makes it more fun."

What does N.C. State do this year different than what they've traditionally done over the past few years?
"They're very aggressive in everything they do. Whether it is special teams, offense or defense. They're going to throw a lot at you on offense with a lot of formations. They're going to do some crazy things to see if they can catch you. They've got a lot of trick formations and things like that. Defensively, Dave Huxtable, long time defensive coordinator is coordinator. Probably a little bit more basic than we've seen in the recent weeks but what they do is they're in the right place. He's got a really good defensive front. Those four guys up front can play. They can get after it. That's a major problem for us right there. Special teams wise, when he (Dave Doeren) was at Northern Illinois they faked punts. They faked field goals, onside kicks so he's going to be aggressive in every phase."

"Larry Fedora Live" airs weekly during the season on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates, including UNC's flagship station (WCHL 1360AM/97.9FM). Recommended Stories

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