UNC-BC: Larry Fedora Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and video from head coach Larry Fedora's postgame press conference.

Opening comments:
"Alright, much different feeling in that locker room tonight. A much needed win. We played not error free football but we played with a lot less mistakes than we have in our previous games. It showed up tonight. I thought our defense did a really nice job against them. We gave up the one run for 56 yards there that hurt us but other than that they got after it. They really did a nice job. We knew we would not hold them to 50 yards rushing because they've got a good running back and they're going to run the football. Overall, when you hold somebody to 56 or 55 yards passing on 11 receptions that's pretty dang good. I thought those guys did a nice job.

"Offensively, we challenged those guys when we got in the red zone to finish the drives off this week. They responded well. We made some plays down there. We continued to use two quarterbacks and I thought it was very effective for us throughout the game."

Do you feel like there's a better rhythm to the implementation of the two-quarterback system?
"I think so. Any time you're moving the chains you're going to have a better rhythm. I've got to give both those quarterbacks some praise as far as to how they're handling the transition between the two. A lot of people are going to tell you that you can't do that, that it's going to mess with the flow of the game. But they're really doing a great job. It's a very seamless transition between the two. They're very comfortable with it."

What was the plan today as far as the running game?
"It's kind of really the same way it's always been. We're going to go with a guy and try to find a hot guy. Whoever's the hot guy is probably going to get more carries. I thought Romar (Morris) was doing a pretty nice job while he was in there. We started out with (A.J) Blue. Blue's a guy that's going to give us everything he's got every time. We know he's going to be where he's supposed to be. He's going to take care of us in pass protection. He's probably the best. Then from there on we move on through the line. Whoever becomes the hot guy gets the majority of the carries."

Comments on the character of the team and their play today:
"I know everybody questioned the frame of mind of our kids and it's understandable. But I'm telling you, you come back out. The guys put it behind them which they'll do this week also. They practiced the same way they practiced all year. They really have. I mean great attitudes and we're getting after them in practice now. It's not like we're out there putting our arms around them with hugs and kisses. We're getting after it. They've had a great attitude. They really have. They understand what it's going to take to be successful. Tonight we got it done."

What were the keys tonight to having the success this team has been searching for?
"A lot fewer mistakes. I mean really, a lot cleaner game. The only thing that was probably the biggest negative was the four sacks that you definitely don't want to see. You want to get rid of the ball or not give up those sacks. I would say that probably both quarterbacks did a very nice job. We overcame some long yardage situations there. I was proud of that. Our defense did a really good job all night. They kept them out of the end zone. You do that and they're playing pretty hard. I tell you that they're playing hard. Special teams, we still have not made a game changing play. That is a disappointment but we're going to continue to work at it until we get that done."

What was the reason behind Mikey Bart's first start?
"Well, (Darius) Lipford wasn't able to go. We used Norkeithus (Otis) and Mikey but it was more about Norkeithus was a little bit beat up and so Mikey got the majority of the reps in practice so he deserved the start. I don't know how he played. I know he got a sack and that's a pretty big deal for a freshman so we're proud of him."

Comments on the success of UNC's pass rush against Boston College:
"First, you've got No. 95. You've got Kareem (Martin). He's been the most consistent guy for us all year but in the last two games he's really coming on hard. He knows his career here at the University of North Carolina is coming to an end and it's coming fast. I think he sees that and I think he's wanting to get everything he can out of it. Overall, I thought those guys did a great job with the pass rush and getting pressure on the quarterback. Some of it was scheme. Some of it was just beating your man."

What made the difference in the successful trips in the red zone tonight as opposed to struggles in previous games?
"A little bit more focus. A little bit more concentration and guys taking it upon themselves. We talked all week about just find a way and get it done. Whatever it is, just find a way. I think a lot of guys really came through tonight."

How important is it to have this momentum going into the game next weekend against N.C. State?
"We needed it. It really doesn't matter who we're playing next. We needed this win. This football team needed this win. Our fan base needed this win. Now we'll start not tonight but tomorrow thinking about the next game obviously and we know the importance of that game."

Comments on A.J. Blue starting:
"I asked Randy (Jordan) who he's going with and he told me A.J. Blue. I never thought twice about it after that. If there was any difference I didn't know."

What inspired the decision to use Eric Ebron in the rushing attack?
"It was a little bit about what they were doing defensively. We put him back in that turbo set with 8 (T.J. Logan) and 15 (Blue) back there. Our plans were to go a certain way but what they were doing defensively was dictating we go the other way. We don't mind handing the ball to Eric Ebron. He can run with the ball. He's very capable as a runner. I have no problem with it. It looks a little bit different. You hand it to the 240-pounder and you've got the 180-pounder doing the lead blocking."


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