Fedora PC Quotes

Fedora PC Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes a transcription of head coach Larry Fedora's conversation with the media.

Opening comments:
"We had a great opportunity to come in on Friday and evaluate the film. The film showed that we played extremely hard. We put ourselves in a position to win a hard fought football game. In the end, we didn't make enough plays down the stretch to win the game. Give Miami credit for making those plays."

How much will the delay of game penalty haunt you or will it at all moving forward?
"Oh yeah, there's a lot of things that haunt me from that game. I can pick out, just like I can in every game, five or six plays that if you take them the other way then we're on the other side of that win column. It'll definitely haunt me."

What did T.J. Logan do last week to solidify himself as the starting running back heading into this week?
"Right now we're probably still going to go in a little bit of a rotation. He did some really nice things and he's coming along. I still don't think we've seen him at where's he's going to be. I think each week he feels a little bit more comfortable. He gets his legs under him a little bit and starts making a few moves. I think he'll just get better each week. I really do."

How is your team bouncing back after the tough emotional loss Thursday night?
"I think they're fine now. I think we've put it to bed and moved on. Now you better. You have to. You realize that when you play like that that you can play with anybody in the country and you've got to build off of those things. We're in a tough spot right now in our season with where we are. It's just us. That's it. It's circle the wagons. It's play hard. It's practice hard and it's prepare hard and it's do the things. It's find a way to get a win."

Despite the losses, has you team made strides since the home loss to ECU?
"We've made a lot of strides. We really have. It's unfortunate because we haven't made a play to win a football game. I think if you watched any game on Saturday and you saw all of the upsets, somebody made a big play at a crucial time in the game to win those games. Every single one of them. Whether it was a one-handed catch or a catch with three guys draped all over you or whatever it is.

"Somebody made a play and we didn't make that play down the stretch. It wasn't because our guys didn't want to. They wanted it. They played hard until the last snap. They believed we were going to make that catch on the last throw of the game. Unfortunately, we just came up short. But yes, we've made a lot of strides. We have gotten better. I know it's hard for maybe some people to see but we're getting better as a football team."

Do you think the amped up enthusiasm shown Thursday night will be consistent with your team as you move into the second half of the season?
"Well I hope so. I mean that's the way you're supposed to play the game. All the hype of the Zero Dark Thursday and our fans were unbelievable. Our students were unbelievable. The atmosphere was crazy. For kids, that's part of why you play the game. It's to play in games like that. To play a ranked opponent and you're on national TV. All of that is fun. That's what makes it fun. It's the atmosphere and hype all around it all. We won't have that now. Now it boils down to how bad do you want to win. How bad do you want it. We're going to find out."

On the blocked punt against the Hurricanes, what went wrong to allow that to occur?
"Operation time was slow. It was blocked up correctly. A guy made a great play too off of the edge. He did it exactly like he's got to do it to make it happen. It bounced directly into a guy's stomach."

What was the plan with the rotation at quarterback between Bryn Renner and Marquise Williams?
"The plan was we were going to put him in the third series and we were going to use him. We knew he was coming in. We knew what we were calling on the first play when he was in. That was all prepared. It had nothing to do with the way Bryn's playing or the way Marquise was playing. It was we we're going to put him in the third series of the game and he's going to run the series. This is what we're going to open up with when he's in there. Unfortunately, we misjudged the ball on that end and just didn't make the play."

Comments on Eric Ebron's performance Thursday night:
"Eric did a really nice job in every aspect. I know everybody is all about the catches and the yards but I mean he also blocked at the point of attack and on the perimeter he did a really nice job for us. He played a very complete game and was on the field quite a bit and made a lot of plays. Some of those catches that Eric makes, Eric is the only one that's going to make those catches. The quarterbacks really like him. They know if they get the ball close to him he's going to make the play. He's doing that."

What makes Boston College such a tough team to beat this year even against some of the top teams in the country?
"Well they played hard against them (Clemson and Florida State ). Offensively, the running back they have is doing a tremendous job. They're putting him in a lot of positions to do that. With a lot of formations and shifting and motions to confuse a defense or to get a defense misaligned and take advantage of it. He's a good player. Defensively, they're doing quite a bit. A lot of it is to probably create some chaos and some confusion for your blocking schemes and your protections. They've done a really good job with it through this point in the season."

Comments on Boston College:
"They do a great job with creating mismatches in the running game. With either causing miscommunication or misalignments by the defense with their shifts and their motions. They don't run a whole lot of plays. They don't have to. You run the same plays basically out of all of the different looks but the defense has to be able to adjust to all of those looks. On the other side of the ball, they like to create confusion. They're going to hit some plays on you because they're going to do some things that are unique and not normal."


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