UNC-VT: Larry Fedora Postgame

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and video from head coach Larry Fedora's postgame press conference.

Opening comments:
"I give Frank (Beamer) and his staff credit. They played well and they played error free football. We made a lot of mistakes today. We played hard. It was good to see our guys turn loose a bit and play but we just made too many mistakes on the road to be able to win a game like that. Marquise Williams did a heck of a job stepping in for Bryn (Renner) and finding out he was going to start right before the game. There's only one throw he made that we would like to have back. Other than that, I thought he threw the ball really well and that he managed the game well."

Comments on the decision to start Williams due to the severity of Renner's injury:
"We came out of pregame and the trainers said Bryn couldn't go. There really wasn't any more discussion about it than that. He was throwing the ball fine but he couldn't push off of the foot enough that we felt like he was mobile enough to protect himself. He was throwing the ball really well and in practice the quarterback doesn't have to move around a whole lot especially when you're trying to keep a little bit off of him. I was prepared mentally to go either way because you have to do that. I think the team responded fine. I thought the kids rallied up and did a nice job."

Did Marquise work more with the first team offense this week with the thought that he'd have a chance to start on Saturday?
"He got some reps with the ones this week. Probably a bit more than he would have. We tried to take some reps away from Bryn so we wouldn't aggravate the thing anymore. But again, I was proud of the way Marquise played."

Did the playcalling change offensively with Williams at quarterback instead of Renner?
"Have you seen us run Bryn that many times? I think that's the answer to your question. I mean, yes, we changed the play calling a little bit. We don't really run Bryn with the football with called runs. We installed a few for Marquise in case he played a lot."

Comments on the pace of the game offensively:
"We had some checks and things like that to try to make things a little bit simpler. We tried to simplify things a little bit in some situations. That's understandable. For us we didn't feel like we were just going to go fast and get it done.

Comments on the defensive effort against the Hokies:
"We go into a game saying we really need to stop the run and make them one dimensional. We just gave up a couple of big plays. I'm looking forward to seeing it on film and seeing where the mistakes were made on those."

Comments on the amount of penalties that plagued the Tar Heels throughout the game:
"We've got to do a better job of coaching. The kids have got to do a better job of playing. We've got to cut out the small mistakes that we're making. We made some mistakes at unfortunate times. When somebody flinches in practice on the offensive line. I don't know if everybody understands the severity of it at that time. We have to make it a bigger deal because it affects us in games."

Thoughts on Virginia Tech:
"I will say that they are going to be one of the best defenses in the country. I can tell you that right now. That's a Bud Foster defense. He does a great job with them. They have nine returning starters, a chemistry, and a bond. They have that mojo going. They threw some freshmen in the mix who are playing extremely well. Logan (Thomas) is doing what they are asking him to do. They manage the game with him and they win with defense. They had a game-changing play against us on special teams. We put a ball on the ground and we gave them a touchdown. Anytime you play great special teams, great defense and take care of the ball on offense you're going to win games."

Comments on Jack Tabb's ejection:
"I don't think that that has anything to do with the way we're playing right now. Evidently, Jack retaliated to something that happened to him on the play which is unacceptable either way. He evidently threw a punch is what I was told and so that's why he was ejected."

Is Tabb out for the next game?
"I believe that is the rule. I believe he's out for the next game also. It was because it was in the second half and he was ejected for throwing a punch."

What went into the decision of starting Jack Tabb at linebacker?
"Well, we had a guy that was late to a team meeting so he didn't start. Jack started instead of him."

Thoughts on T.J Logan:
"T.J. made some mistakes out there. He went the wrong way a few times. He blocked the wrong guy a few times. But it was really good to get him out there and get him some playing time and get him hit again. He made some nice runs out there. He really did. He's just going to get better every week. That's the first time he's been on the football field since he was in high school in a game so I thought he handled the situation pretty good. That's a pretty good venue out there on the road, hostile crowd and so I thought he handled himself pretty well. Every rep that he got was going to be good for him and for the future."


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