UNC-TU: Mike Fox Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes transcript excerpts of head coach Mike Fox's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Towson on Saturday.

On Kent Emanuel pitching into the 8th inning:
"That was important. We were going to try to get him though the eighth as they had that lefty coming up even though that is not as big a factor for Kent and we wanted to try to let him get through that eighth inning if he could as he has shown us the ability to do that throughout the year."

On whether the Tar Heels have won without playing their best in the first two games in the Chapel Hill Regional:
"I hear what you all are saying, but I'm looking at the box score and we have 13 hits and scored eight runs and didn't make an error. You all are making me think we are not playing well. You know, I think first of all, Towson didn't and have not played like a 30-29 team for one. I want to focus the attention on the other team because I think they are all playing to survive and playing not to end their season. All of these kids have been practicing and going hard since January. You have a pitcher out there who is quick to the plate and you have a catcher back there that is pretty good and they are not walking you for the most part so you are having to string some hits together.

"So when you have that combination and the other team is not making mistakes you have to earn every run that you get. So I look and see where we scored and most of the time when we scored eight runs this season we put ourselves in a position to win that is what we did tonight. So, you know can we play better? Sure we can always play better and we will continue to have to. I see what you're saying, but I don't."

On starting Parks Jordan in left with Holberton behind the plate:
"We wanted to get another left handed bat in there and you know Gonnella has not had a lot of success statistically against left handed hitters so we have some flexibility so we wanted to get another left handed bat as they really only had one lefty out of the bullpen. So it was trying to create a little more offense early in the game and then it worked out for us to have Matt [Roberts] in there in the end defensively."

On how the offense gets contributions from different players:
"Well, we have gotten contributions from everybody all year long. That is why we have won the games that we have. When one or two guys have not been swinging it as well some other guys have picked up a little bit. We have never had a stretch where we have had almost our entire lineup struggling. Michael Russell plays so hard every single game and he is so locked in. He reminds me a lot of Tim Fedroff who took every at bat and every swing personally. I was really surprised honestly that they walked Cody Stubbs and I'm like, 'Good, let's get Michael in there again.'

"Because I really thought he was locked in and he was just a little too anxious there at the end got a ball off the fist a little bit. Everybody is talking about, 'Colin, Colin, Colin.' Well, Colin comes up with a big hit and Landon Lassiter goes first to third in the last inning which we preach all the time, 'First to third, first to third.' I thought he was going to look at me and if he looks at me, he missteps or slows down and has to try to find the bag, and that got us a run. So I notice the little things like that. I am happy when guys don't have success the first two or three at bats and then step up when it is really big and get a big base hit to get us to expand the lead."

On how important winning the second game is to avoid the loser's bracket:
"Oh yes. You lose this one and you have three in two days and your back is against the wall. This is a big one. The winner's bracket game is the big one."

On Kent Emanuel's pick off move:
"Well it is extremely useful because it almost completely negates the other team's ability to run. So we don't have to worry about our middle infielders especially don't have to worry about covering the bag and our shortstop just has to worry about guys going on the first movement. And we don't really have to give any signs or that sort of thing. And Kent's pickoff move was not that good as good as it is now when he got here. He's really worked hard on it and it is effective."


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