Spring Game: Fedora Quotes & Video

Spring Game: Fedora Quotes & Video

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina's Spring Game coverage includes video and quotes from UNC head coach Larry Fedora's postgame interview ...

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Opening comments:
"I'll be honest with you good to get it over with. I thought our team had a great spring. We really did. We've come a long way. We've got a long way to go. You got to see a few guys get out there and make some plays today. A lot of mistakes…a lot of guys. Any time you split up the team you get real thin in a lot of areas and it makes it that much tougher. The continuity is really hard. I thought the guys played hard today and that was the main thing."

Thoughts on running back position especially Khris Francis:
"I really thought all three of them did a nice job. Khris, for his first time out there in a game type atmosphere I thought he did a good job. I don't know what he ended up with but I know he hit some holes and exploded in them. There was one time I thought he got stood up and I said something to him. The next time he's got his shoulders down and he's running north and south which is what he's got to do. So he did some nice things."

Comments on benefits of the spring with younger players:
"The thing about Khris is he doesn't say a word. It's hard to get him to talk. He's listening all the time and he takes coaching very well. What he does a nice job of is you can say something and he can just take it to the field immediately and make it happen."

What were your thoughts on the energy level of the team today?
" I thought it was really good today again. You should always have a great energy level in today's atmosphere. You've got all the things going on outside of the stadium, inside the stadium. They saw the uniforms last night. They were jacked up about that. It was about them having fun today and I think they did that."

Where did you as a team improve the most as a team in the spring?
"Boy that's a tough one. I don't know. I know we've got a long way to go. Upfront on both sides of the ball we've still got to do a much better job. Defensively, we've got to stop the run. We were getting gashed in a lot of different areas. Offensively, I thought our tempo was very average to say the least. I didn't think there was anything special about it. You didn't see anything from our special teams today other than a few kicks and a few punts. We've got a 138 days left and we've got a long way to go in 138 days."

Did you make any progress on the offensive line that you were hoping to make during the spring?
"No, but that would never happen in any of the groups. Did we make progress? Yes, we made progress. Are we where I want us to be? No. "

Was this spring more about individual player development instead of development of entire position groups?
"Throughout the entire spring it's been changing guys around constantly in practices on the offensive line because you're looking for the best five. Then when we find those best five then we lock them into slots and start trying to get some continuity. From this point on, all the way through summer before we ever get to camp that continuity and that chemistry with that group has got to become special."

Comments on depth of running back group:
"I would think that 21(Romar Morris) and 15 (A.J. Blue) are right there at the top and 1(Khris Francis) would be in that second spot right there. I think 15 and 21 are pretty even right now. I don't think anybody has stepped out and said I'm the guy. So we've got some work to do there. You didn't see it today but we've busted way too many times in pass protection this spring and we've got to get much better in that area."

How explosive can Romar Morris be?
"He's a guy who can take it from goal line to goal line. There's only so many backs out there that can actually do that. You've got the ones that hey you cross the fifty they can take it the distance. They're not going to get run down. Romar isn't going to get run down from goal line to goal line because he can explode."

Comments on Dominique Green:
"I tell you what that kid's come a long way for just getting here and being here just this spring. He's made some plays for us. You saw him out there today. He's gutsy. He had a pick today on fourth down on the fifteen and he caught the ball of the five yard line instead of knocking it down so he's got some things to learn from those mistakes. But I tell you what talent wise he really came on."

Comments on receiver position and the amount of injured players at the position:
"We had sixteen guys that didn't go through spring at all you know for one reason or another. At the wide receiver position, I think Quinshad (Davis) is had a good spring. I don't know what he did today. I'll say 81 (Kendrick Singleton) made some plays this spring. And 6 (Sean Tapley) was up and down. He's got to become more consistent because he can really be a game changer. He can change games for us so we've got to get more consistency out of him. Overall, we've still got a long way to go there."

How did Thomas Moore kick the ball this spring?
"I would say he was the most consistent kicker we had this spring. There were some days that he was 100 percent, 18 out of 20. He was pretty good throughout the spring."

Comments on Jordan Fielleuteau's performance:
"Like a deer in the headlights. You know he's a pup. He's worked extremely hard but there's a lot of time where his eyes are about that big around. He's getting coached hard. He's got people yelling. We're going fast. He's trying to process it and he's expected to be processing it like everyone else on the field. It was a change in culture for him. I'll put it that way."

Has Mitch Trubisky moved up to second on the depth chart?
"If we went out there and played a game today then he'd be in that number two spot. When Marquise (Williams) stepped out he was number two and when he comes back in the summer those two guys will be competing for the second spot. I didn't expect him to pick up the offense as quickly as he did and command the offense as quickly as he did which is tough for a kid to do. When you're in that role at quarterback and you're expected to command it they should feel your presence on every single play. When he's able to do that right now this early I mean I was impressed with him."

Comments on depth:
"I can't say there is a spot where I feel good about the depth. I can't say there is one unit right now that I feel like we're strong one and two so we've got a lot of work to do."

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