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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head football coach Larry Fedora spoke to reporters following the 10th practice of spring ball on Wednesday afternoon.

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On the large number of recruits in attendance at practice:
"It's always good. I'd say every one of the practices we've had so far we've had multiple recruits here and that's really good. Just for them to see how we do things. The way we run practice, the tempos, all those things. I think they always go away impressed."

You mentioned followed Thursday's scrimmage that there may be depth chart changes on Monday. Any specific changes that you can share?
"I would say probably just about in every position group we've had some type of change. Now we'll see. That happened on Monday and we practiced on Monday and positions may have changed again. And we'll practice today and that may change again. We'll go to Greensboro Friday and get after it and we'll see where guys are and compare to how they were last Friday."

What are the benefits of holding spring scrimmages in other parts of the state?
"Well, for us, it's an evaluation. It's another evaluation for a kid. He's out there. He doesn't have a coach in his ear telling him what to do. He's got to think. He's got to play the game the way the games going to be played next fall. So we get a feel for where these guys are at that time. Not only individually but also as a unit."

What were your takeaways from the scrimmage last Thursday night?
"We were not as sharp as we needed to be. Too many missed assignments. Not enough leadership when things weren't going good on both sides of the ball. So we've got to have guys learn. But that was the first time that they were out there without us in their ear. So it was kind of what I expected but I expect this Friday to be much better."

How big has it been to have receivers like Quinshad Davis and Sean Tapley fill in the leadership void left by the departures of seniors and injuries?
"It's nice to have some guys that have some experience out there. No. 81 (Kendrick Singleton) is really having a good spring right now and really coming on. We're moving guys around which is really good. No. 6 (Sean Tapley) has gone from inside to outside and No. 81's gone from outside to inside. So they're learning multiple positions which enables them to be more valuable to our team and also for us to build some depth."

On Alex Dixon's move into the first unit and the cornerback position as a whole:
"Yeah I think he's made some plays. It'll be interesting to see this Friday because he's getting a lot of opportunities with 4 (Jabari Price) out. No, 35 (Malik Simmons) is getting a lot of opportunities. No. 16 (Alex Dixon) is getting a lot of opportunities so as long as those guys are getting opportunities they've got to make the most of it. When someone comes back from injury you know they don't lose their position because of an injury but when they come back they can get beat out."

On the battle at the bandit position between Norkeithus Otis and Shakeel Rashad:
"Yeah, they're getting a lot of really good reps. That's a great competition right now. This is the first time I've seen Otis really healthy. Last year he was hobbled by a high ankle sprain the entire season and so this is really the first time I've seen him be able to go full speed. He's doing some nice things."

Was it the goal this spring to install more of the playbook?
"We actually took some things out and then we added some things. We're always tweaking things trying to add things we think can help us. And you know because our personnel is different than it was last year. So we've taken out a few things that we don't feel like we'll be successful with and we added a couple of things we think can enhance the offense. That's an ever changing always evolving scenario. You know we'll look at it after spring ball. We're doing some things right now that we may not do during fall camp because we may not like the way it looks so we may take it out. Just taking a look at a lot of different things right now."


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