Fedora Scrimmage Quotes & Video

Fedora Scrimmage Quotes & Video

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora spoke to reporters following Thursday's scrimmage at Mallard Creek High School.

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On the running back position:
"I'd say we've got three guys in (A.J.) Blue, Romar (Morris) and (Khris) Francis you know have been really working hard on it. Where we stand right now if we had to put somebody out there then Blue would go out there with the first unit just like he did tonight. Unless after this scrimmage we evaluate it and something changes. We're going to make depth chart changes at all positions on Monday so we'll see after the film tonight."

What has A.J. Blue done to impress you so far?
"For one, he's the leader on the offense right now. Him and Bryn (Renner) are probably the two guys that have stepped up and been leaders. And Blue's a hard nose runner. He does a great job in pass protection. He's gone put his pads down and run behind his shoulder pads. He can catch the football and he can make plays."

Thoughts on Bryn Renner's role as a leader on this UNC team:
"The thing that's been nice about Bryn is he just picked up where he was in the last five weeks of the season and has really moved forward from there. He's worked hard on being a good leader and managing the game. I think you saw a little bit of that tonight."

How did Landon Turner and Caleb Peterson embrace their chances to be starters at the guard position?
"I think they're excited about it. Right now it's their position to lose and it'll be interesting to see how they performed tonight. I'm going to say both of them probably got 70 reps tonight."

How does the fact that this team came play in the postseason this year factor into their excitement and motivation?
"I think they're excited about it obviously. I think a lot of people put more into that than there really was last year. These guys play the game because they love playing the game. They're going to go out and play hard no matter what whether that's their last year or not. This year it's there so it just adds icing on the cake."

Comments on the rotation of tackles throughout the scrimmage:
"(James) Hurst isn't out there tonight so we're getting a lot of guys looks. A guy may be on the left side and flip over and play the right side. We're trying to find the best mixture of what it's going to be and then also at the same time develop depth knowing that those guys …somebody next year is going to be stepping in and playing. Somebody's going to roll an ankle. Somebody's going to have some kind of problem and somebody else is going to have to step in there and play."

Is punt return a concern for you?
"Well did we catch one tonight? Are y'all concerned? I'm concerned. We've got a long way to go in that position."

How's Shakeel Rashad doing playing the bandit position?
"He did some nice things. I noticed a couple of nice plays out of him today. One thing, he's got experience. He played all last year and he's not a freshman anymore. You can tell. The way he approaches it, the way he approaches practice and everything. He's experienced and he feels good about himself."

On the quarterback play of Renner and Trubisky:
"I'm watching a lot of different things so I don't really zero in on one or two guys but I mean Mitch ought to still be in high school and he commanded the offense pretty good out there today. He never lost it. He understood what was going on. They understand what he's wanting to do so that's a good thing. I think that was big for him just to get live reps tonight."

Comments on Bandit Norkeithus Otis:
"A little bit banged up right now. He's got a little bit of a MCL sprain but he didn't have any problems tonight. This was the first live reps he's gotten practice wise so that was really good. It'll be nice to evaluate the film to see where he's at."

How do you think you've grown as a coach since coming to UNC?
"I haven't gotten any taller. I put on maybe a few pounds. Hopefully I get better everyday. We stress that in the program. Either you're going to get better or you're going to get worse. You're never going to stay the same. That's players, coachers, trainers, managers. That's everybody in the program so each and every day we're trying to do something to make ourselves better. Hopefully I've got a better handle of this team. I think I did a poor job early in the season last year understanding what our guys could do and put them in some bad positions at times."

Why was it important for you to come here and show the fans in Charlotte what you're trying to do?
"Well it's our largest fan base in the state. We've got a lot of fans here. They're excited about it. I wanted them to see what this 2013 team was after eight days into it. And then at the same time, I think it's great for our guys to be able to get on the road be able to do something live and scrimmage in front of the fans. It just adds more excitement for them. Got a lot of players from here. There's a lot of great high school coaches in the area that want to be able to see us practice so it was really good all the way around."

On the Ram position:
"(Brandon) Ellerbe, (Ryan) Mangum, and Joe Jackson. It's hard for me to tell you where they are right now. A lot of it is going to depend on those seventy plays they got tonight. So we'll see where we are."


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