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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Thoughts on reaching the 700-win milestone:
"Thank you very much. It was a nice time in the locker room. It really was because we had a win and we bounced around a little bit. I never mentioned the 700 thing to the team because I was more interested in getting 25 for them. Even Craig Sager said, ‘What's the significance of 25?' and I said ‘It's one more.' If we would have had 23, I would have wanted 24 for them. It was a nice things. I had this deal where I'd put 32 up if we advanced to that stage in the tournament and they got a little fun out of that. Then I turned around and did a couple of things and they had put 700 up on the board themselves and gave me a jersey. It was a nice time and it is a nice thing.

"I'm happy I've been able to do what I want to do for as long as I've done it. I've had really good players who have made me look good for a long time, which you've heard me say before. And I hope they keep doing it for a long time. It really is a testament to great assistant coaches that have been involved and have done just as much work as I have. And then some really good players who have bought in to what we're trying to do.

"When I started out, I just wanted to be like my high school coach. I wanted to be like Buddy Baldwin. I didn't think anything about being a head coach at the college level and then Coach Smith asked me to come back and I just wanted to be his assistant. Then all of a sudden I woke up one morning and I was there with Dorothy and Toto in Kansas. It's been a wonderful 25 years. A lot of wonderful kids and I got some great messages from a bunch of those former players yesterday and today."

Are you going to watch any more of this NCAA tournament?
"It depends. You know I pull for coaches. When Mark Few got beat that really bothered me because he's a great friend, a great coach and a guy that I really enjoy. I really like Tom Izzo and what he's done. It depends on what coaches are involved and what my children and grandchildren want to do. I hope to have family together at that point and if we do then there's no telling what I'll do. I'll be there for the first part of the tournament but I won't stay for the finals."

Thoughts on the amount of higher seeds still in the NCAA tournament and the even level of competition throughout college basketball:
"It really is. It's hard for us, we're North Carolina fans so we want North Carolina to be able to do it all the time. But there are some really good programs out there. Bubba (Cunningham) had a great line. He said, ‘I don't know if it's parity or just bad seeding.' So I bought the bad seeding idea. I had some dogs in that hunt. There are so many good players out there and so many good teams."

Comments on the firing of Tubby Smith who was the head Coach at Minnesota over the past six seasons:
"I've been very lucky that in the majority of my life as a coach I've had great athletic directors - Bob Frederick at Kansas, Dick Baddour and Bubba Cunningham at North Carolina - who understand what the crap is going on. Somebody that fires Tubby Smith is an idiot and that's putting it mildly. I think he's one of the greatest guys who's ever been out there. An example for kids of coaches who represent what should be good about college athletics. He goes to an NCAA tournament and beats a higher seed in the NCAA tournament. It makes no sense whatsoever. I'd better stop right there."

Breakdown of each of the incoming recruits for the 2013-2014 UNC basketball season:
"Nate Britt, another left handed point guard, which we've had with Kendall (Marshall) and now Marcus (Paige). I like that part of it. He is a quarterback. He is a floor general. He can play with Marcus. He can play with other guys and have two point guards on the court if you want to. He had a tough year this year. He had knee surgery during the middle of the season. Bounced back, played well for Oak Hill and did some really good things for them.

"Kennedy Meeks, a Sean May lookalike when he was a junior or senior in high school. He's got to get his body in shape but great hands. I mean great hands. Probably the best outlet passer that I've every recruited. The way we like to run if we can get the perimeter guys out running you'll see him a lot of times throw the ball two thirds the length of the court. He has good solid post moves inside. He has to do a much better job with his conditioning to get him in shape but he's going to be a fine player for us.

"Isaiah Hicks, a 6-foot-9 post player but he also can do some things out on the floor. He's a shot blocker and a rebounder. You may have even said it on the air last week about his stats in the state championship game - 34 points, 30 rebounds, seven blocked shots. He's a gifted young man.

"They're all three really the kind of kids that we want to represent the University of North Carolina. Each one of them will come in second session of summer school, like June 19th or 20th, and spend five weeks here. They'll be introduced to the weight room and some of the greatest pickup games of all time."

Comments on the process of players determining whether to move on to the NBA or return:
"It's always ongoing with me because every time I talk to the NBA guys I'm talking about our players. The information is ongoing year round but we'll look into it and see. I don't feel the sense of urgency right now with that as I have in years past. We were an 8-seed. We finished third in the league. We had 11 losses. The NBA usually likes to find those guys that come off teams who win thirty games and go to the Final Four. Our guys understand that and that's not saying anything negative.

"P.J.( Hairston), Reggie (Bullock), and James Michael (McAdoo), those three for example, are going to be NBA players. There's no doubt in my mind. Is it going to be next year? I think that is a big question and I think each one of those kids can gain a great deal from coming back and improve their game. John Henson's dad said it better than anybody, ‘It's not how quickly you get the NBA. It's how ready you are to play when you get there.' I'll have discussions with them and I'll discussions with the NBA people about them but I don't think there's any cut and dry guy that is going to be leaving for sure."

Comments on Dexter Strickland's career at UNC:
"Dexter Strickland with 106 wins is what we had during his four years and that's pretty doggone good. His assist to turnover ratio was one of the best in the country. Defensively he did some nice things for us. Of course, he'd like to have made more shots like we all would have. Dexter had a fine career. He is a youngster that has a chance to continue playing basketball. It might have to be one of those routes where he goes to Europe or something like that, but if he works at it and gets lucky and stays healthy, then he's got a chance. One hundred and six wins is the biggest thing."

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