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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Thoughts on the disappointing ending to great stretch of play leading up to Duke game on Saturday night:
"Well it is and that's the way we feel about it. It was neat coming into the restaurant tonight. The people here have been so sensational to us all year long and have been every year. They gave me a standing ovation and Wanda (Williams) came walking up and said, ‘They may have really thought you were going to jump off of the building.' Saturday night when our team goes out to warm-up I stayed back a few moments to look over my notes and do my last things and all that kind of junk.

"I heard the crowd and it was the first time this year I've heard the crowd kind of roar. Then when I came out it was unbelievable too. I sat down on the bench and said this place could be electric tonight. These people are ready to blow the roof off and we didn't do out part. We didn't give them enough things to do that with. I was really proud of the crowd. The other coached talked about it too. The feeling when we came out on the court and sadly we didn't do our job to keep it like that.

"It was a mixed bag last week. We felt great about a win at Maryland and where that put us in the league. Then Duke came out and hit us right in the mouth and we lost our poise a little bit. We took some bad shots and all of a sudden it was a genuine butt kicking for a while there. I shouldn't say a while because I felt like it lasted the whole game. It has been a nice run for our club. It's been a really nice group of kids who have tried to do what we've wanted them to do down the stretch. But the best team won Saturday night and we've got to keep playing to see if we can get better."

Comments on the media's selection of the All-ACC teams:
"I think you look at the first team and every one of those kids played great and with the exception of Erick (Green) their teams did really well. Erick was just sensational when the other team's defense was aimed at stopping him and to do those kind of things speaks well for him. I was happy that Reggie (Bullock) and James Michael (McAdoo) were on the second team. We would have liked to have both of them on the first team but I'm always one of those guys that'll never get upset or anything because your play determines where you end up.

"It would have been nice to have some more players and have them on the first team. When our teams have played really well we've gotten that recognition so I always think those things are pretty fair. I was disappointed but at the same time I can understand it. The All-Defensive team was named and we didn't have anyone on the team. And we haven't played well defensively. The freshman team was announced and Marcus Paige was listed as one of the top five freshman so we're happy about that as well."

Thoughts on ACC coaches having a separate vote on awarding accolades for the season:
"I don't lay awake at night wondering about it to be honest with you. They told me I had to send my ballot in by two o'clock today and I did. We had that at Kansas. The coaches voted and the media voted. It was confusing all the time as to who made which team but most the time they were pretty doggone close."

On handling adversity as a team:
"The facts are there that things don't just come to you immediately and you have to be able to handle adversity. Every game you're going to have some bad moments. We had a game that lasted a bad moment long Saturday. We've got to be able to handle that adversity and come back today and practice."

Thoughts on current focus on production of both points and rebounds in basketball instead of development as a whole:
"To me, when I quit, yeah, I'd like it if they say, ‘God, he's the best coach that's ever lived.' But what I really care about is that they know that I cared about them and it wasn't just about points and rebounds. It was about them as people. My daughter gave me this thing one time that said statistics are important but relationships last a lifetime. That's something that I've never ever forgotten. I think that's the way it's supposed to be."

Is there a preferred time you'd like to play in the ACC Tournament or does the 9:30 tipoff have no real effect on you and your team?
"I'd rather play any time other than 9:30. But the fact of the matter is that's where the three seed plays and so that's where we've got to play. I hate late games like that. I'd rather play at 12 noon every day. You get up and you're ready to go play instead of waiting all day. We just don't worry about it. You've got to go play."

Thoughts on the ACC Tournament and it being wide open to the entire field of teams participating:
"I still think it's hard for a team to come from Thursday and still win on Sunday. I don't think it's been done yet. That's really hard to play four games in four days even though the other team has to play three if they got a buy like that. I do believe that you've seen it already this year.

"Miami lost to Wake Forest and there's no question Miami did the best job over the course of the regular season. Duke did the second best job but they lost some games. I think it is open. You've got to go up there and play. There's no question that Miami should be the favorite because they've proven that over a time period but I think it's going to be a great tournament."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates, including UNC's flagship station (WCHL 1360AM/97.9FM).


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