UNC-UMd: Roy Williams Postgame

UNC-UMd: Roy Williams Postgame

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and transcript excerpts of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's victory over Maryland on Wednesday.

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How were you able to neutralize their dominance in the post?
"P.J. (Hairston) stretches the defense so much that sometimes other teams make substitutions. They went small a lot tonight too. For us, we can't guard the guy in the post. Early on I thought they were hurting us inside and they had 14 points off of offensive rebounds in the first half and they only had six in the second half. We talked about the biggest thing at half time was trying to do a better job of rebounding the ball and gang rebounding. Reggie (Bullock) has 12 rebounds and P.J. has eight. That's pretty impressive from your wing players."

On his team's growth on the road this season:
"They really have come a long way. They've bought into the sense of urgency idea. They've bought into the unselfishness and trying do what we ask them to do and they compete. I am, I'm really proud of them. I've brought some really good teams in here. We won a national championship in 2009 but we didn't win here.

"I really like the way our kids played. Even Marcus (Paige), he made some bad plays and if I'm not mistaken that big three as we said was the first big play but after that one run there he didn't do anything else but move the ball and get the ball to the right people. We ran three set plays and something good happened out of all three set plays too."

On winning six games in a row:
"I don't know how to make my team peak and neither does anyone else. None of us is that much smarter than the other guy. If I knew how to make my team peak then so would they. Everybody would be peaking and how they crap would you know who's peaking. We work as hard as we can every single day. I tell my team all the time, if you bust your tail every day you're going to get better as we go along.

"That's what we've talked about with this group. In the preseason I said I thought my team would get better and better as the season went along and I really think they have. The small lineup gives too much credit to coaching. The kids have really bought into the sense of urgency, the unselfishness, the gang rebounding, and the total play on the offensive and defensive end of the floor. They should feel very good about what they've done. We hopefully have a lot of games to play."

Thoughts on UNC's rebounding success against Maryland:
"[Clemson had] 14 more rebounds than us in one half the other night. If we do that tomorrow night at practice I'm going to be upset. The rebounding on the defensive end of the floor they've got to be constants for you. It's difficult. James Michael (McAdoo) is 6-8 going against Alex (Len) at 7-1. P.J. is 6-5 with (James] Padgett at 6-8. We're always going to have that so guys have to compete. Marcus, Dexter (Strickland) and Reggie and all those guys have to help us on the backboards. The rebounding is always going to be a concern of ours in the small lineup."

On the play of Reggie Bullock and P.J. Hairston tonight:
"I got on P.J. a little bit the other day and said you got to help us rebound more. At half tonight he had six and was our leading rebounder. He's disappointed he didn't have more than two in the second half. I think our wing players really have to help us do a great job. Particularly, in today's game, there are so many 3-point shots. There are so many long rebounds. They shot 23 three's and so the perimeter players have got to help you get more of those because your post guys are inside and the ball is bouncing over their head."

Thoughts on the team's play with McAdoo earning two early fouls:
"I think Desmond Hubert did some nice things for us and gave us some good play. He had two blocked shots during that stretch in the first half. I don't believe in taking a guy out with two fouls and sitting him there the whole half but I want him to think about it. I think Desmond gave us some quality minutes. He didn't rebound the ball but he had two blocked shots and set a couple good screens for us which helped us keep things going."

Thoughts on UNC's ability to hold Alex Len to just eight points for the game:
"He only played 27 minutes because they tried to match us going small. We don't have many answers for him when he's close to the basket. We did get help and we tried to jam down from in front when it went down into him. We just didn't want to jam down on off Layman or Logan."

Thoughts on Marcus Paige's ability to bounce back after turnovers:
"Well he's a tough little nut. I really believe that. They were not typical, but again in 2009, Ty Lawson turned it over three times in a row in the backcourt up here too. I think that the biggest play to me was him stepping up and making the three."

Is Maryland a tournament caliber team in your opinion?
"It's hard in this league because you've got to play so many good people. If they can get to 9-9 then I don't think there should be any question because I think the ACC is that strong."

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