SPBP: Theo Pinson Q&A

SPBP: Theo Pinson Q&A

GREENSBORO, N.C. --- Theo Pinson had Roy Williams in the stands watching him at the Greensboro Classic on Monday evening as his High Point (N.C.) Wesleyan team prevailed in the Scholastic Play-by-Play Classic. After the win, he talked about his recruitment ...

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Talk about your performance tonight - seemed to struggle some in the first half and then picked it up in the second ...

I just need to come down a little bit. Every shot was long, so I came back out after halftime and tried to calm down, get into the flow of the game and then we were able to open up the game and fight through it.

Did you know Roy Williams was coming to the game?

I knew he was coming, that wasn't really me stressing, I've played in front of him before. It's just me calming down and then everything clicked.

Have you been keeping in contact with Coach Williams? What have your conversations been like with the UNC staff?

They're just telling me they really want me to be there. They're going to start losing a lot of players and they want me to come in and make a difference as a freshman.

How did your visit for the Miami game go?

They were disappointed they lost - I would have been disappointed too. I felt bad for them because I did think they fought as hard as they could. But Miami was making a whole lot of shots and you've got to make threes to win on the road.

Did they mention they need you out on the wing to stop that?

They want me to come in and make plays for other people like I do for this team so that's good to hear.

I don't know if you heard, but Joel Berry committed to UNC while you were playing your game tonight ...

You're saying he committed? Wow. For some reason me and my dad were talking about that, that we wouldn't be surprised if he went there. Joel is a really good player, I played with him at USA Trials. He's real strong, a really good player.

Have you talked recruiting with any of the other juniors that UNC is recruiting in your class?

We haven't really talked about it yet. It'll probably get talked about more this summer.

What schools have shown the most interest in you?

I'd say Indiana, Georgetown, Louisville, Carolina, Duke, South Carolina, Clemson, NC State, Ohio State, Florida State ... I'm trying to remember everybody so I don't forget anybody.

When you get close to narrowing your list, what are the big factors that'll go into your decision?

It just comes down to trust. A lot of players tell you 'They're telling everyone the same thing.' You've got to visit, do all your research and find out who is telling you the truth. All the coaches that are recruiting me are good guys so it'll be a hard decision.

Is that a time frame for a decision?

Not right now. I should have one by the summer.

Do you have any official visits planned?

Taking one to Indiana Feb. 2.

Do you plan on taking all five of your official visits before deciding?

I'm not sure yet, I've still got to talk it over with my parents.

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