UNC-UM: Roy Williams Postgame

UNC-UM: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and a transcript of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's loss to Miami on Thursday.

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Opening Comments:

"Needless to say, it's not a very good feeling right now, it's not a very good feeling in that locker room. We knew Miami was a very good team. They were 4-1 on the road - we knew that. First half we didn't play as well as we wanted to play, but yet we were still hanging in there. It gets to about the five or six minute mark - we still haven't played great but it's a one-point game - then three possessions in a row they get a two and two threes. I think they outscored us 8-0 at that time. We went from nine minutes to one minute with one three-pointer by P.J. as our only basket.

"Give them some credit, it's not just about North Carolina. They made some plays down the stretch, they shoot 48 percent in the second half and we shoot 33 percent.

"Our kids have been doing some nice things in practice, we just haven't taken it from the practice court to the game court. When you're a basketball player at North Carolina people expect a lot of things of you. I've got some really good kids that are hurting right now and they are also feeling a little bit of stress. There's no question about that.

"We just couldn't get the ball to go into the basket. And then we had two defensive lapses and two of them they made really good plays - and we can't do that. Congratulate Miami, they have four seniors starting - one's a fifth year senior and one's a sixth year senior. The Smith Center, University of North Carolina and the Carolina Blue didn't exactly intimidate them at all. They are experienced and they are good players so give them some credit. But we've got to play better. I've got to coach better -- I've got to do a better job coaching my team."

After what happened at the end of the Virginia game and now this game, do you attribute that to lack of poise or execution?:

"... if I knew what it was I would have already changed it. It's a smart aleck response, but it is also a true response. We had two defensive breakdowns and we missed some open shots ... We're probably never going to play with the sense of urgency that I want us to play with, but I thought that just killed us up at Virginia, but I didn't think that's what it was tonight.

"There was one play where there was a screen on the ball and Marcus and James Michael are both standing there, the guy makes one pass, they're still standing there, and he makes another pass and the guy makes a three with P.J. trying to cover two. Roy Williams has to make sure that Marcus and James Michael don't do that - it's partially the kids' fault but it's also my fault and I've got to do a better job to get them to come off. And two of them they made nice plays and then they missed three of our shots where we were trying to be aggressive and take the ball to the basket. We tried to go small and we had trouble matching up with Kadji, and then Gamble did some nice things and I told him he played a big time game for them. They are experienced, they are good and you have to give them some credit. "

How much does the stress affect their confidence?:

"There's no question it does, but we've got to get away from that. Life's going to throw you some curveball and adversity and if you're always worried, you're never going to get that changed. I told them we're going to come back tomorrow and we're going to work our butts off and then we go to Florida State. And they're pretty doggone good. They're playing great right now, 2-0 in the league. We've got to go down there and regardless of our stress, regardless of our confidence, we've got to go play and we've got to do the best we can in practice tomorrow to see if we can get better."

How stressed are you?:

"I'm stressed, there's no question about that, but I'm not a guy to panic, I'm not a guy to give up or anything like that. I'm going to come in tomorrow, coach the crap out of them, grade the tape tonight. This is one of those no sleep nights, but my God I don't sleep much anyway. But as Charles Barkley said, 'You can sleep when you die.'"

Was that as well as Marcus Paige has played offensively?:

"His line probably looks better, but I've got high expectations. At the end of the first half we really screwed it up - I told him 'As smart as you are, you can't do that.' We get an offensive rebound, we need to take the last shot, but we take a bad shot and make a bad pass. He made some good plays tonight. They would screen and re-screen out front and he can go under the first one and it's hard to get there on the second one. A lot of it is experience, a lot of it is strength, a lot of it is stamina ... Do I see him getting better? Yeah, it's hard to say it when we're getting our tails kicked, but I see him getting better. "

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