HSOT: Isaac Copeland Q&A

HSOT: Isaac Copeland Q&A

RALEIGH --- Isaac Copeland and his coach discussed the 6-9 junior's game and recruitment while at the HSOT Holiday Invitational ...

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Has the wing always been the position you've been at or is that something you're trying to develop into?

At first I was a guard growing up in middle school, then I started growing – kept the same skills and added height.

When did you add that height?

Sophomore year was my biggest growth spurt, when I went from 6-0 to 6-6.

And you've grown more since them. Do you feel like you're still getting used to your new frame?

I'm more used to it now, I just need to add strength – that's the main key now. Back then it was tough, being clumsy. I'm still working out some of those kinks.

What are the key points you still need to refine moving forward?

Definitely getting stronger, quicker and better with my ball handling.

Do you find it difficult guarding quick 6-0 guards out on the perimeter?

It's a challenge but I definitely think I can handle it. I just need to learn to score against guys that are smaller than me because I'll settle for jumpshots instead of taking them to the post and things like that.

As a Raleigh native, what was it like coming back and playing in front of Roy Williams and Mark Gottfried today?

It's always great to come back home and see my family and friends. … Having coaches come to the game, it's been like that all season so I'm getting used to it. But it was definitely motivation coming into the game. … After a few minutes it goes out the window and you've just got to play.

What is your relationship with UNC and NC State and how are they recruiting you?

I took visits to both and I talk to assistants from both schools quite often, so interest is pretty high. They're recruiting me well and I talk to them every week.

Being from this area, are you looking to play college ball here?

It's not really a factor right now.

You have any visits planned right now?

Nothing scheduled, right now but I'd like to visit Florida State and Georgetown.

Now that you can take official visits starting next month, will those be officials?

I'm planning to work that out.

Do you have any idea when you'll narrow your list down and get closer to a decision?

Definitely after basketball season. I don't want to worry about narrowing the list or committing right now.

In watching the college basketball season, have you seen programs that might be your best fit?

I've watched a lot of Georgetown, Carolina, State, Duke. I think I fit in very well with all of their systems, even if they are different – some are fast paced and some are more halfcourt. I'm really analyzing those teams.

Have you see any players that you think are in the role you plan to play in college?

Either Otto Porter or Greg Whittington from Georgetown.

Are colleges recruiting you as a wing or combo forward?

Three-four, it's a little bit of a mixture depending on what school.


What is Isaac's role for this team and how do you think he filled that role tonight?

His role is growing. He's joining four seniors who have been there two to three years in the starting lineup. Early in the year he's trying to fit in. He fills up the stat sheet, he's not just a scorer – rebounds, assists. We're asking him to step up and be a leader, since guys look up to him for his work ethic and how he handles our players. I thought today they were keying in on him but he was still active and able to affect the game. It's tough when you come to a gym like this to get your shots going, but be brought energy like he does every time.

He played the entire game on the perimeter. Is that fitting his skill set or the needs of the team?

He's a wing player. When we're at our best, he's playing the three with our four who's 6-9 and our five who's 6-10. When our four went down in the second half, we unfortunately had Isaac in a position which we haven't practiced that much with him at the four. …

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