Rotation Madness

Rotation Madness

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Roy Williams made sure to use Friday's exhibition game against Shaw for what it truly was – a glorified practice. The 10th-year UNC head coach subbed in and out for a grand total of 18 different lineups.

As expected, the starting lineup secured the most time on the court (7 minutes, 15 seconds), while only one other lineup (No. 3 in the chart below) was utilized twice (6 minutes, 31 seconds).

Oddly enough, lineup No. 3 delivered a pair of 11-0 runs, while the starting group was outscored 16-8 in its two appearances.

Despite the sluggish defensive play to open the game, junior Reggie Bullock told reporters after the game that he liked the starting unit most of the rotations due to its length on the wing and in the post.

Here's the rotation breakdown:

First Half:

Starters: (5:08)

Marcus Paige, Dexter Strickland, Reggie Bullock, James Michael McAdoo, Desmond Hubert

Lineup 2: (2:13)

Paige, Leslie McDonald, P.J. Hairston, McAdoo, Joel James

Lineup 3: (3:15)

Strickland, McDonald, Hairston, Brice Johnson, James

Lineup 4: (0:25)

Strickland, J.P. Tokoto, Bullock, Johnson, Hubert

Lineup 5: (3:51)

Paige, Tokoto, Bullock, McAdoo, Hubert

Lineup 6: (1:29)

Luke Davis, Strickland, Bullock, Jackson Simmons, James

Lineup 7: (1:14)

Davis, Strickland, Hairston, Simmons, James

Lineup 8: (2:07)

Davis, Strickland, McDonald, Johnson, McAdoo

Lineup 9: (8.7 seconds)

Davis, Strickland, Bullock, Tokoto, James

Second Half:

Starting Lineup: (2:07)

(see above for starting lineup)

Lineup 10: (20 seconds)

Paige, Strickland, Hairston, McAdoo, Hubert

Lineup 11: (2:06)

Paige, McDonald, Hairston, McAdoo, Hubert

Lineup 12: (1:33)

Strickland, McDonald, Hairston, McAdoo, James

Lineup 3: (3:16)

(see above for lineup 3)

Lineup 13: (2:28)

Paige, Bullock, Hairston, Johnson, McAdoo

Lineup 14: (4:32)

Paige, Bullock, Tokoto, Johnson, McAdoo

Lineup 15: (1:52)

Paige, Strickland, Bullock, Simmons, James

Lineup 16: (14 seconds)

Davis, McDonald, Bullock, Simmons, James

Lineup 17: (2:00)

Davis, McDonald, Hairston, Simmons, James

Lineup 18: (1:23)

Hubert, Denzel Robinson, James Manor, Frank Tanner, Wade Moody

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