Combine Interview: Tydreke Powell

Combine Interview: Tydreke Powell

INDIANAPOLIS --- Inside Carolina was at the NFL Combine this weekend for the media interview session with UNC defensive tackle Tydreke Powell.


How did going to North Carolina prepare you for this next step?
"When I first got there they had a great coaching staff with Coach Davis, John Blake and all those guys. I had a great couple of guys around me that pushed me, so it got me better for the next level."

What do you want to show teams while you're here in Indianapolis?
"Just show how athletic I am and how I can get low and move laterally. Just get out there and show them I can run and chase the ball."

How did this year's team cope with Coach Davis leaving and Coach Withers stepping in?
"Coach Withers stepped in and handled to situation real well. Of course, it was tough for everybody coming into training camp with Coach Davis gone... because everybody had a great relationship with Coach Davis, but Coach Withers took us under his wing and he had a senior meeting and the seniors helped him out."

Is there a particular position you feel you're better equipped for in the NFL?
"I feel like I can play from the three to the nose to the zero, but talking to a couple of teams, I am more a 4-3 nose tackle, but we'll see what happens." Recommended Stories

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