Reaction from UNC Commitments, Part III

Reaction from UNC Commitments, Part III

Following the announcement of the hiring of Larry Fedora as UNC's new head coach, got updates on Tar Heel commitments Tyreece Jiles, Malik Simmons, Damien Washington, and Phillip Williamson.


"I just feel like, I'm not going to de-commit right away," Simmons said. "I have to get to know [Fedora] first. I don't really know too much about him. I heard a couple of good things about him – I haven't heard any bad things about Fedora. I just have to meet him for myself and develop my own opinion.

"It bothered me, because I was kind of set that [Withers' staff] was going to stay. So it opens me up a little more to other schools. I'm thinking about visiting Georgia Tech and possibly Middle Tennessee in January.

"I had a missed call [Thursday from UNC]. I was at a basketball game, so I wasn't able to pick it up."


"I was kind of surprised, [because] Coach Withers actually did pretty well stepping in as a coach this year," Washington said. "They started off really well and I thought if they got that eighth win in the bowl game they would have had it.

"It's something to think about and worry about, because I'm going to have a whole new coaching staff. I'm going to have to meet a whole new staff. I'm going to have to see what's going to happen. [Withers] was the main one that wanted me to come there.

"I don't know much about [Fedora]. I know he went to three straight bowl games.

"I haven't spoken to anyone from North Carolina, but I had planned on calling up there and talking to one of the coaches. I talked to Coach [Charlie] Williams earlier in the week, but he didn't say anything about this happening."


"[Fedora's hiring] is a good thing," Williamson said. "But when a coach is leaving, it's always sad. For the incoming class, it's great because everybody has to compete for a spot.

"I heard [Fedora] won 11 games this year – that's always a good thing. For Carolina to hire him, he had to do something good.

"[Fedora's hiring] doesn't do anything [to my commitment]. If anything, it may make it stronger. I still have to meet the coach and get to know him and he needs to get to know me.

"I haven't talked to any coach, but I have been in contact with UNC players about what's happening there. They've been giving me the inside scoop on what's happening there."


"We found out about it the other day," Jiles' mother, Maqui Church, said. "We saw it in the paper.

"So far we haven't really talked to anyone. So we're just sitting here waiting to see what's really going to happen. We're just trying to wait to see what they say about his scholarship and we'll take it from there.

"Right now, [Jiles] is trying to accept the fact that [Withers] is not going to be there. So he's not really thinking about [his commitment]." Recommended Stories

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